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How to choose an apartment design

by dailymoney

The purpose of the interior design is to create comfort and maximum comfort for residents. But people have different tastes: someone likes to live in the chic design of the Baroque style, others choose ascetic minimalism or astroe high-tech variations of the apartment design, and when selecting it is necessary to take into account several points: how many residents, their temperament, life image, life, life, life, life. position in society, as well as the design and location of the house.

First of all, you need to analyze your lifestyle in order to immediately abandon unwanted variations. Fashion in interior design, dreams and your preferences are also significant, but you need to approach the selection of the image of the apartment practically: you will need to live in it, and not just admire. And so look at your own life by the present. For example, for a large family with children and elderly people it makes no sense to make a minimalist environment in the living space, based on the fact that such an interior asks for an inadvertent maintenance of an exemplary order. Also, there is no need to make an “air” white design if, for example, a dog or other pets lives in the living space.

High-tech style with glass furniture, metal elements and sharp corners will not suit families with children. Excluding the variations inappropriate from the point of view of the practicality, you can listen to your own tastes, preferences and desires. Own space should be decorated so that the owner is convenient in it. And therefore, it is not required to listen to the recommendations of acquaintances or leaf through popular design magazines.

Choose what you like: if you like to live in the richly furnished rooms of the Baroque style, and the designers in our time offer minimalistic interiors like operating rooms – remain true to yourself. If, for example, the family has a couple of people, you need to consult with everyone and find a solution that will suit each family member. As the site advises

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Consider the age and location of the house in which the apartment is located. For example, in outdated buildings with Victorian windows, the design in today’s style looks strange. Again, it is necessary to pay attention to the cardinal points, where the windows come out and the number of windows (number of natural lighting). In southern apartments, it is undesirable to form a bright interior design based on the fact that saturated colors will become sharp.

If, for example, it is difficult for you to form with your own needs or choose one thing, try to look at your own nature and specifics of the psyche. Experience demonstrates that people with different character select different interior styles. For example, introverts choose minimalism and technocracy, phlegmatic people adore the classics .

Life values ​​also determine the tastes: homebodies, family people like to live in the apartments of country style, and sports and active pick up modern. For extravagant, unpredictable, a housing apartment design is suitable.

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