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How to choose electric curtains

by dailymoney

Motorized curtains are electric curtains that can be controlled using a remote control panel. Electric curtains are sold in a number of stores. The choice of the right set of electric curtains for the house or office will depend on many factors.

Electric curtains are quite easy to control. If a person used a TV, then he will not have problems using curtains on an electric drive. There are, of course, more intellectually developed products with timers or sensors, but they are bought by lovers of a smart home, and in ordinary stores very complex curtains of this type will be difficult to find. All electric stones are mainly quite easy to manage.

Electric curtains open and close independently, thanks to a motorized track system. From a person you only need to press the button on the remote control or the installation of a timer.

Such curtains are specially designed for windows automation, and at the moment, several of the most famous brands in this category can be distinguished, among which special attention should be paid to the Somfy brand. This brand is popular all over the world and belongs to the French group of companies Somfy, which has existed since 1969. In the market for automation of doors and windows, this brand is listed as one of the leaders in more than 60 countries. At the moment, more than 100 million SOMFY products have been installed around the world.

Electric curtains may seem to be a device for the lazy, although they are extremely useful. For example, in offices where it is difficult to get to the blinds. Elepertors can also be useful at home – a person can close the curtains, lying in bed before bedtime and also open them without getting out of the bed in the morning (this is convenient, but also helps people with disabilities, as well as pensioners). There are many other advantages of using this type of curtains in the house and office.

Curtains vary depending on what track they are supplied with. Some designs are more expensive because the track should withstand the larger curtain weight. In addition, the electric motor should be able to raise curtains of a given weight, so the prices for devices with a higher power above.

Tracks made of several parts are stronger, which means they will last longer. Pay attention to this when you see one or more metal strips.

Keep in mind that mounting materials are not always included in the price of the curtains. Therefore, be sure to check the delivery kit. Perhaps you will need to buy brackets and bolts yourself.

You should also pay attention to the remote control, or rather the range of its work. A number of remote controls work only at a distance of about a meter from the window.

Timer, if it is included, allows you to automatically configure the time of opening and closing the curtains. This function is not required by everyone, but it can like it very much.

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