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How to choose MFP?

by dailymoney

Recently, it is impossible to imagine the work of the office or homework with the necessary documents, without a printer. Most people at first acquire a jet printer to perform all the work related to documents, then the printer is exclusively for printing photos, and finally, a laser printer for printing documents of large volumes.

But is it not better to immediately purchase a multifunctional device that includes all the functions of the devices, like a xerox printer scanner. Only, here is one bad luck. Most potential buyers have when choosing, a quiet panic begins – so many parameters and functions. And most importantly, a large number of models and manufacturers. So which model is better to choose? Which manufacturer is better and how its model differs from other manufacturers? We will try to answer these questions.

Without going into the details of the differences in the technology of printing a laser and jet printer, we can note. That, the main difference between the laser printer and the jet is the minimum consumption of consumables. This means that the difference in the cost of printing of a document of one size differs in multiple times, and not in favor of jet.

When choosing an MFP, it is necessary to pay attention to the main two parameters – print resolution and print speed.

Printing should not be lower than six hundred dpi. If below, then such an applicant in your MFP can be considered outdated.

The print speed should be not lower than 20 sheets per minute. If below 20 sheets, then this MFP, especially if it is installed in the office, will be the main brake in work.

Next, we give a description of the modern MFP of the leading company of the manufacturer Kyocera, which is a recognized leader in the production of office equipment. This description will help in comparison with the MFP other models and manufacturers to choose the MFP that meets the necessary parameters.

Two MFP production of KyoCera is worthy of attention.

First – Taskalfa 300i. This is a monochrome multifunctional device that can solve all your daily needs for workflow. Non -replaceable device for offices. It has a high print speed of up to 30 sheets per minute, and the output of the first copy is no more than five seconds. Prints are of excellent quality, t. to. This MFP has a resolution of 600 points per inch and a gradation of gray color 256 shades.

In addition, this device is complemented by fax functions that provide not only the capabilities of the fax, but also the Internet fax.

Second MFP – Taskalfa 250ci.

This is a simple and reliable MFP in use. It can be called a mini-type in the office. Printing speed of 25 sheets per minute. Has a resolution of 600 points per inch. In addition, multibit technology allows you to make prints equivalent to 9600 DPI X 600 DP.

In addition to the copying function, it has such a function as a powerful network printer and is able to produce color speed scanning on the network. Also in the arsenal of such MFPs there are high -tech functions as encryption of data, hidden watermarks, network authentication.

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