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How to choose stretch ceilings?

by dailymoney

How to choose a system of suspended ceilings for your home? We will give some advice on stretch ceilings from PVC and tissue stretch ceilings, as well as regarding the selection of companies that are engaged in their installation and production of these types of ceilings in Russia.

Stretch ceilings are one of the most popular forms of ceilings in houses and apartments, and every year interest in them is only growing. Using this type of finish, it is realistic to create a unique and original interior design and provide the premises with the necessary comfort. In addition, the stretch ceiling is made of strong materials, which also give a number of additional advantages.

A stretch ceiling is a design consisting of a frame attached to the ceiling and strong material stretched on it (PVC or fabric). The system imitates a solid ceiling, therefore, when you hear the words “PVC film” or “fabric”, you do not need to think that stretch ceilings create the illusion of being in a tent.

Nevertheless, it should be understood that films and fabrics for these ceilings are the main and most important material of the ceilings. Produce them at all points of the world and bring them to Russia under different brands. Then all kinds of firms position themselves with manufacturers of ceilings, although, in fact, they only cut the material they purchased and install it on the rails.

If you want stretch ceilings from the manufacturer, you need to make sure that it itself produces PVC film or fabric for the ceiling. Or you can choose the brand of the ceiling that you trust you. Russian and German stretch ceilings today enjoy an advantage, because customers show more confidence in them. But companies that work with Chinese materials are not held in high esteem now. The reason for this is not only that Chinese PVC films are sometimes as strong as their European counterparts, but that these films can be toxic.

European stretch ceilings are more expensive, but the film or fabric of these ceilings will most likely be free from pollutants.

If the quality of the stretch ceiling is important to you, and if you are concerned about the environmental friendliness of products, be sure to clarify the company produced by PVC for the ceiling and find out where the manufacturer is located. Order ceilings from trusted companies, because today quite often under the brands of popular brands are installed Chinese ceilings.

Stretch ceilings can have any type of surface. Legendary ceilings of the “starry sky” type are made precisely using the technology of stretch ceilings. If you choose simple white ceilings, then you still have to decide on smoothness, matte and other surface forms (gloss, satin, mother of pearl, metal tints, etc. P.). However, you do not have to order white ceilings. Stretch ceilings allow you to experiment with flowers and textures. You can even create a texture of the marble surface or apply photographs and drawings of photo printing technology on PVC (this is especially popular in children’s rooms).

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