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How to lay linoleum at home

by dailymoney

For the first time with this issue, a person encountered about one hundred and fifty years ago, when, in fact, this floor covering appeared. Since then, its production technologies have been improved, thanks to which we have today an impressive variety of types, colors and textures. It is popular with both serious construction companies and in self-taught repairmen. This is explained simply: to lay linoleum, you do not need special skills and complex tools, it is suitable for any rooms and does not require additional care, and plus everything is inexpensive.

Today, linoleum is an environmentally friendly, strong, reliable and universal flooring that will serve the owners for many years. Thanks to a wide range of all kinds of patterns (including imitating, for example, laminate or tiles), it will easily fit into any interior. Since laying linoleum is a simple task, you can do without involving specialists.

The first step is to clear the territory: we take out all the furniture, remove the baseboard, clean it from dirt and align the working surface. As a basis for linoleum, old bulk or wooden floors, chipboard and fiberboard are suitable for linoleum. We recall once again with the help of the construction level, how even is our floor.

After the preparatory stage, we can start marking. To do this, we put the pieces of material in the wrong side, so as not to accidentally damage in the process. Do not forget that the dimensions must be removed, focusing on the most long wall of the room, and then add about ten centimeters to the length. If one sheet is not enough for the room, we cut out a piece of the remaining linoleum necessary in size. Be sure to pay attention to the joints: a drawing or pattern, if there are such, must perfectly match. And when buying the material, it is necessary to check that the rolls are from one factory batch, otherwise they can noticeably differ in color, shade or even ornament.

There are two small tricks that will help us lay linoleum correctly. Firstly, when carrying out work with the material, the temperature in the room should be about eighteen degrees. Secondly, the marked and cut coating must be left simply lie down at least 24 hours. This will help Linoleum get used to the “weather conditions” of the room and take the final form before the mount. If this is not done, then over time waves and bumps may appear on the floor.

So, now we can begin directly to laying. If one sheet was enough for the entire room, then we simply fix the linoleum around the perimeter using skirting boards. If there are several pieces, or the area of ​​the room is more than twenty square meters, then this method of fastening will not be enough. In this case, apply glue to the coating, lay and roll out with a heavy roller to get rid of air bubbles and distribute the glue. We leave to dry, and after 1-2 weeks, when the linoleum will finally turn, we can install plastic skirting boards.

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