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How to make a room soundproof?

by dailymoney

The acoustic properties of rooms and premises are changed with different goals and different images. You can muffle the sounds made by a neighboring child crying every evening, due to special ceiling panels. Or you can make your room soundproof so that your game on the guitar does not interfere with your neighbors and do not force them to call the police at night.

As a rule, soundproofing in houses is established in order to get rid of the noise of the city, because noise pollution insanely interfere with living, often violating the dream or process of learning or work. If you live near the construction site, a noisy bar or a night club, the price of soundproofing materials, for sure, has already been interested in you more than once. Although the problem in this case is possible not in the walls that you want to isolate, but in the window that is not dense enough.

Sound is the energy that is produced during vibrations. Energy should go somewhere, so it goes from the sound source somewhere else. Sound energy needs an environment, such as air, so that it tolerates it with her. That’s why, opening the window, you hear all the sounds from the street. Closing the window does not always leave all street noise away from your ears, because the sound is also able to pass through hard glass and frames, but most of the sound still remains outside. Two -chamber glazing, as a rule, copes with most sounds from the street.

There are several ways to suppress noise and get rid of unpleasant sounds from the street, the screams of a neighboring child from the top floor or party at the floor below. The first and cheapest way is to be. Simple plugs in the ears work on the principle of noise reduction. They work perfectly during the day, although it is inconvenient to sleep in them if you go to the pillow with your ear. Therefore, if the noises are not one -time, then the rooms and rooms are soundproof. If the cause of the sounds outside the window, then you need to change the windows (at least two double -glazed windows and good seals).

If the sounds come from the ceiling or pass through the walls, then a layer of sound insulation is needed that will absorb sounds. For example, rubber materials that are applied to walls or different panels, as well as materials like fiberglass or foam, which are added inside the walls.

The perfect way to make a room soundproof is to build a room in the room, and install a layer of isolation between them. Such rooms in the room make sound recording studios, radio companies and other organizations in which you need to block the sounds from the inside and not let them inside.

You can ask your neighbors to put the carpet at home on top if you are tired of their steps and their running around their child. Or you can install a sound insulation layer over a suspended or stretch ceiling. There are special acoustic panels for walls and ceiling. Special noise -disposable materials have been developed for the floor if you want to get rid of sounds from below.

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