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How to paint a wooden window

by dailymoney

The window frame should serve for a long time, even in the most difficult conditions, whether it is temperature changes, high humidity, rain, snow, wind, moisture condensation in the building. Therefore, it is worth approaching the coloring seriously and competently, otherwise you will have to buy a primer, paint and repain everything again. In this article, we will pay attention to some rules and tricks of color, as well as the entire sequence of painting. Due to the strong impact on the window frames, special requirements are imposed on the paints for staining windows, thanks to which the paint will last a very long time. Moisture is one of the main enemies of the paint: it penetrates the basis of paint and causes rotting of wood, as well as the appearance of the fungus on the wood under the paint. Therefore, the paint should be resistant to moisture, and also have some “flexibility” so that chips do not appear in the case of shrinkage or swelling of the tree. The best option for painting windows will be alkyd paint, the most persistent paint to external influences. In advance, the outer part of the window must be treated with antiseptic impregnation. It is best to paint the window with the same manufacturer with a paint. Before the start of coloring, the tree should be clean and dry. Painting should not be carried out in hot and cloudless weather and in the evening, before the dew falling out. The best for painting is a warm, slightly cloud day. Do not forget that the paint dries if the temperatures are above +5 degrees. Be sure to protect the stained surface from dust. Also, if necessary, it is necessary to repair the window until the painting starts. In advance, you need to glue the painting tape on the edge of the window, but at the same time you need to retreat 2 mm, that the draining water did not fall into the gap between the window and the tree and did not cause rotting of wood. This tape must be removed immediately after painting. It is worth paying attention and more carefully stain the ends, corners and edges, especially inaccessible places. If the frame has metal objects (fasteners, hats of nails), then they need to be treated with a special primer. In the case when you want to paint a previously painted window, then from the beginning you need to remove the old paint from the window, and then paint on “bare wood”. You also need to close all the cracks and dimples with a special putty for wood. When it dries, it needs to be leveled with sandpaper, and then remove all the dust from the window. After the putty dried up (about 2 hours), the tree must be covered with tixotropic (jelly -like) primer to create a perfectly flat surface. The next day, the primer will dry out and you can proceed to the color itself. If you have not decided on the color of the paint, then you may be offered tinting. On a faith with a huge number of shades of colors (more than 2500 colors) you can choose the most suitable tone. Also, in order to facilitate the choice, I often use a compatibility fan with which you can determine the compatibility of 4 colors in one room (each fan is 4 shade that may be in the same room). As a rule, large companies in painting manufacturers have their own design studios, where you can choose for free on your computer the most suitable paint for your room.

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