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How to paint concrete

by dailymoney

Concrete walls and designs used in construction are very reliable and durable, but they have one important drawback – a boring gray color. In order to give concrete a more attractive appearance, it can be painted. There are several ways to do it. Durability, quality, as well as the cost of finishing work will depend on a specific choice.

Actually, the first way can be called classic, and it lies in the fact that a layer of paint is applied to the surface with some painting tool – a brush, roller or spray gun. To do this, acquire a special type of paints that are designed for painting concrete and other mineral surfaces, which manufacturers necessarily warn on the labels of their products.

There are no special secrets of applying paint to the concrete surface. The paint is poured into a more suitable container, mixed well to avoid heterogeneity, collected with a brush or roller and painted. The main thing in this work is good to prepare the surface. It should be as flat as possible, durable and clean. The thing is that all flaws are better visible on the painted surface, so it is better to get rid of them in advance. As for cleanliness, this is very important, because if you apply the paint to a layer of garbage and dust, it will very soon, literally after a couple of weeks, will begin to lag behind with the same garbage and turn into rags.

In order to play it safe, builders are advised to apply special deep penetration impregnations for painting. They are often sold in the same section of a construction store or supermarket, where the colors themselves. The impregnation will allow firmly tie even the smallest particles in the monolithic canvas not only on the surface of the concrete wall, but also in the depths of the material.

Another way of staining concrete is more preferable. It is carried out even before the concrete is poured into shape, that is, at the stage of cooking. For this, special dyes are added to the “raw” concrete, which are developed for such cases. As a result, concrete becomes color, which is called in the mass.

This coloring method allows you to make the color almost eternal. That is, concrete will look great throughout the operation. For example, if you scratch the painted concrete in a traditional way, then a gray ugly base will appear through this scratch. As for the painted concrete in the mass, such a trouble will not happen, because all the concrete to the entire depth is evenly painted and this paint does not differ on the surface and inside.

Thus, if possible, it is better, of course, use the second method of staining concrete. And the first way to use only in cases where the concrete structure is already in the finished form and it must be somehow ennobled.

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