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How to protect your system from penetration with Penetration Testing

by buma888

Protecting systems from hacker penetration becomes the most important task when creating any local network. It is necessary to identify any vulnerabilities and protect them from attackers. To do this, you can use penetration testing as a service.


Pentest technology involves simulating the actions of attackers who want to overcome the security system of a network or an individual computer. This approach allows you to clearly identify all existing system vulnerabilities and close the slightest loopholes that hackers can exploit.

Penetration Testing itself consists of the following stages:

  1. The scope of work is determined together with the customer. This can be the entire network complex, individual elements and nodes. Depending on the method of action and the scope of the pentest, the price of the work performed will depend.
  2. To begin with, all information is collected from publicly available sources, which can also be used by hackers, and protection against attacks from this side is checked.
  3. Other possibilities for attacker actions are identified, and vulnerabilities from outside and inside the system are studied.
  4. Intrusion is simulated using tools used by hackers.
  5. The received data is analyzed, the degree of system security and identified vulnerabilities are determined.
  6. Based on the actions taken, prepares a report. It is provided to the customer, who can study it and find out the level of security of their network, learn about shortcomings and recommendations for correction.

The PTAAS service provides complete information about all existing security flaws and how attackers can break through it, which allows you to close weak points.

Features of the technique

CQR specialists offer several options for system testing:

  1. A method called black box. In this case, only information that can become known to hackers from open sources is used for work. The technique completely copies their actions.
  2. The white box method is exactly the opposite of the previous one. The customer provides the company with all the necessary information, including administrator-level access to the servers. This option allows you to check the system from the inside in its entirety.
  3. Gray Box combines the two previous options, combining their advantages.

The company guarantees the reliability and anonymity of the research, its complete security, and the ability to identify all vulnerabilities and close them as soon as possible.

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