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How to stick wallpaper with your own hands

by dailymoney

If you want to change the interior in the room, it is not necessary to call workers. Now it can be done yourself, the main thing is to know the main basics of repairs, and there everything will go like clockwork. Before you buy wallpaper, you need to measure the walls, and everything is good to calculate. On the website of our partners you can inexpensively buy non -woven wallpaper. You need to understand how many rolls you need. When you count everything, it is better to take one roll more, because there are different unforeseen situations, and the wallpaper may not be enough not enough. If, because of this little thing, the started cosmetic repair of the apartment stops, which will repel you a working mood. Initially, the walls in the room need to be prepared for work, which means cleaning them by tearing off all the old wallpapers from them.

Then the main thing to do is to apply a primer to the wall, and preferably a day before the start of work. The primer will protect them from damage when removing the wallpaper next time, and will also allow you to stay better when gluing wallpaper. If your walls were painted, it is advisable to wash them with a special tool and rinse with water, and then pass with grinding paper. You must make sure that the walls in the room are even, if you find a wave or bend, try to get rid of them with a spatula.

Starting the repair of the room, before gluing the wallpaper, prepare the first strip, measuring the height of the wall (the skirting board is not considered). On the roll, measuring the segment, make a supply of 5-8 cm for cutting the edges. It is advisable to cut off the strip using large scissors, as this is a simple and high -quality way.

Several stripes need to be cut in advance in advance, this is done for those who have wallpapers with docking (drawings). It is advisable to cut off the strip as it is work, it will be easier not to make a mistake. It is necessary to add to each strip the size necessary for the joint of the patterns, it is important to monitor the direction of the picture. Each strip plays a role and does not docking one of them, will become absurdity that will have to be redone.

You need to start glue the canvases from the window and move to the left side. Apply glue with the help of a brush, while letting it absorb and wait from 2 to 5 minutes.

To avoid getting bubbles with air under the wallpaper, it is better to pierce them with a needle, and then smooth their surface with a rag. The rag should be dry, but if it becomes a little wet during operation, it will be slightly, and it will not hurt the work. Having finished glue the strip or several lanes, you should cut off their uneven pieces that remained at the edge of the skirting boards.

There is no need to get rid of them with scissors, since it will not be as exactly as we would like. Having smoothed them out, draw them along them along the entire length of the baseboard with a sharp clerical knife or scalpel. It is important to note that the blades should be very sharp, otherwise, it will pull wet wallpapers, and will damage the work done. Bypassing the whole room, you can open the windows very little to let the room be checked a little faster.

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