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Hydrobrazive surfaces

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To cleanse the surface of various pollution in modern industry, a variety of methods are used that have their pros and cons of. One of the ways is hydro -carbraise cleaning (GAO), which allows you to qualitatively clean any surface of any contaminants, whether it be old paint, soot, rust, and so on. This method is most often used in production that requires high -quality surface cleaning.

The essence of hydro -carbonate cleaning (GAO)

This method consists in feeding on the purified surface of abrasive sand mixed with water and air, and this mixture is supplied at a speed close to the sound speed. The installation for GAO has a wide range of pressure and the speed of the suspension, with its help you can work with a variety of materials, and the cleaning process will be of high quality and technological. The installation contains a compulsory water supply system and a mixture camera in which compressed air accelerates the mixture.

To find the optimal abrasive material, many experiments were conducted, as a result of which it turned out that a non -toxic grenade concentrate has the best treatment qualities with a 0.1 mm fraud and less. In this case, the grains should be cubic in shape, the specific gravity should be 4.1 t/m3. The concentration of grains in the mixture is 20-30%.

The liquid used in GAO is slightly slows down the movement of cleaning particles, but at the same time ensures the delivery of particles to the surface and performs continuous surface cleaning, removing treated particles and removed pollution. The use of water also eliminates the formation of polling and maintains the temperature regime of cleaning.

When this method is used, its advantages and disadvantages

Using the hydro -carbace method, you can clean the surface without damaging and without destroying it, since the pollution is washed out of microcracks and microports. GAO is also used to clean openwork and thin sheets. Gao allows you to eliminate corrosion centers, protect the metal from repeated corrosion if passivators are added to the suspension.

The process of hydro -carbing cleaning is characterized by a low cost provided by cheap and affordable raw materials used in the installation. This method can be combined with many other production processes, it is explosive – and fireproof is.

The disadvantages of this method include restrictions in use, for example, it is impractical to use it to clean the surface of a large area.

It is also worth noting that surfaces can also be cleaned by thermal -based cleaning, sandblasting and sandblasting – you can read about this or order one of the types of work on the site.

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