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Independent installation of soft windows

by dailymoney

If you decide to acquire such an innovation as soft windows and plan to independently carry out their installation, then we will give you some tips on how best to do it.

To begin with, let’s determine where you plan to install soft windows from polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride (PVC)? Here are the most common places for using soft windows:

– Protection of arbors and summer verandas from rain and wind

– Balconies and loggias in apartment buildings

– Summer tents and tents, including street cafes, open areas of restaurants

Let’s start with home use in apartment buildings. If you decide to choose this method of protecting your balcony or loggia, then most likely you first made measurements and calculated the cost of your soft windows. It is most convenient to do this directly on the sites of soft windows manufacturers, indicating the necessary sizes and choosing the material right in the online calculator. If you plan to fix the soft window yourself on your balcony, then take care of which mounts to put and think well the desired functionality of your future window. If you plan to tightly close the balcony for the fall to protect the space from rain and wind, then most likely you will fasten the film in a stretch from the edge to the edge. In this case, it is important that your soft window is equipped with eyelets around the entire perimeter with an interval of 20-30 centimeters. You can fix the window film on screws or hooks, but for a more strong fixation, you can fork out on the locks with the latrice, or on the fasteners with straps. Then dismantle the soft window will be much easier, freeing the balcony for fresh air.

As for the arbors and verandas, then the situation is the same – if you plan to put the film tightly and are not going to turn it, open and remove it for a long time, then it is also enough to fix the soft window around the entire perimeter, through the eyelets. If you want to use a soft window dynamically, with the ability to turn it or spread it, then you can consider such options as the cable along the upper side of the window, through the eyelets, so that you can push the window like a curtain. Or, for example, the dense fastening of the upper part through the same screws or brass hooks, but on the sides there are already small locks with a latch and or loops with straps. The lower part of the soft window in this case is better to order with a pocket for a sinker. It is also recommended to make two or three fasteners with straps to the bottom to conveniently turn the window from the bottom up with a roll, fixing it on these straps.

The main thing is that you will quickly understand in use and independent work with soft windows is that they are extremely practical, convenient and not whimsical in care. And they are much greater than the benefits of them than from simple primitive home -made tents and improvised coatings. Therefore, getting ready for the season, do not forget to look at the site, watch new items for country houses, plots and street cafes and of course use an online calculator to calculate the cost of your soft windows.

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