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Independent pouring of paving slabs.

by dailymoney

How nice to relax in your country. This enchanting air around, barbecue, bonfire, songs for the guitar. But here there is the reverse side of the coin – this is the cost of maintaining a country house. But the main expenses are mainly required with, so to speak, “upgrade” of a summer cottage. These expenses can be easily reduced if you know how. Imagine that you wanted to put the sidewalk on your site, but as we know, this requires financial investments for the purchase of tiles, but if you make this tile yourself, investing will quickly pay off. To get started, you will need approximately 30 forms, but you can more. This amount approximately corresponds to one collapse of the solution. I have plastic forms, perhaps there is also metallic in them very small differences, which I will talk about later. And so the time has come to prepare the solution.

If you have a concrete mixer, it will be very convenient, if not, then you will have to interfere with a shovel manually in a deep basin. To prepare a solution, we will need the M500 cement in bags of 50 kilograms, and such bags will need at least 2 pieces. Pour a sufficient amount of water into a concrete mixer or into a basin, and pour all the cement there. Make sure that the solution does not stick, add water if possible so that it remains liquid. Next, you will need two sewing cars (approximately 12 full buckets are placed in the wheelbarrow) and two cars of the crushed stone. Do not spill everything out at once, do it gradually and add water.

All this with all the cars, make sure that the solution is not very thick, and if it is not so, interfering and gradually adding water, get the desired result. Do not overdo it! The solution should not be too liquid. Now things are in forms. If you have plastic shapes, you will need bitol, if metal, then machine oil. Take the sponge and carefully lubricate all the forms, especially the corners. This is necessary so that when knocking out the tiles, they easily go out and do not break. If the corners are lubricated poorly, this is fraught with the fact that when knocking out the tiles, angles will be crushed. After preparing the solution and thorough lubrication, we proceed to the filling. Pour the tiles completely to the edges. After performing all these procedures, put your forms dry for 2-3 days.

Here it is the long -awaited process – knocking out our creations. If you have a plastic shape, then take it upside down and tap it out of the edge of the form about any jamb. And in the case of a metal shape, put it on the side and carefully turn it over. The tile can come out immediately, but if this does not happen, then take a hammer and “pour” them along the edge of the form, this should help.

Congratulations! All is ready! Now you should only lay the sidewalk. If you do not have enough tiles (which often happens), then you should repeat the above process, and I assure you, it will soon pay off with more than.

This material was prepared with the support of the site – cement wholesale with delivery at the price of the plant with its own specialized transport.

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