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Introduction to SRO: Features

by dailymoney

As already known, amendments to the legislation of the Russian Federation came into force. From that moment, construction companies are required to enter the SRO (we are talking about self -regulatory organizations). After all, construction (we are talking about those organizations that are engaged in this type of activity) only after the entry can be further carried out by them. That is, several organizations are united under the general and unified leadership.

In order to successfully enter the SRO in construction, the company must in a short time to issue the necessary set of documents and provide them for consideration. The list of documentation can be different, since it determines each, individual, self -regulatory organization. After all the requested documents are ready, the enterprise that submitted them is waiting for an answer for a month. During this time, the final decision should be made in terms of permission to these persons – legal or physical – to enter the SRO. They will only begin construction if they receive a positive answer. Since, due to changes in the legislation, this remains the only possible form of repair work, as well as design, reconstruction, research, etc. When the entry into the SRO is completed, any of its participants can continue construction, however, with many advantages. So, experts, having gained the opportunity to exchange experience, improve their qualifications. And the company is confident that it will have support during the resolving various legal issues, as well as a representative office in court, etc. D. Introduction to SRO will be an advantage for both a separate company and for the entire industry. After all, the level of quality of work becomes higher, while control over the activities of each organization is tightened. A positive factor is to exclude the influence of state supervisory authorities. And some more interesting news in the form of circumstances that the entry into the SRO themselves can turn into exception from it. We are talking about unpaid mandatory contributions, or it will be a failure to provide the necessary documentation, irresponsible and unprofessional performance of work, non -compliance with general rules and conditions, etc. Separately, it must be said that the mandatory entry into the SRO caused a huge amount of disputes and misunderstandings. Someone immediately understood what benefit awaits him from all this, and some, until today, does not recognize the entry into the SRO and does not want. But, as experts are sure, a certain time should take any innovation. And then everything will become very clear and it is clear that the entry into the SRO will protect the construction and all the activities of the enterprise from various kinds of risks. You can and should become a participant in a self -regulatory organization as soon as possible. Over time, the number of requirements for those who want to become its participant and risks get a refusal will be added. Whoever they will not be allowed in the SRO

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