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Kremlin carpets

by dailymoney

It is no secret that many places of crowds foresee cash turnover and an excellent point for commercial activities. This is especially true for buildings and institutions in which the area is leased, or the building itself is a place of universal visits. We are not talking about stores, rather we are talking about office buildings in which the main type of earnings is economic and administrative activity.

The main task in organizing the internal interior is to attract visitors -clients of the institution, to detain, gently “press” or discipline, to dispose of the right mood in the official atmosphere, achieving the desired result. In fact, any office is the official headquarters or representation of any company, company. And translated from Latin “official” (Officialis) is “ruling related to the performance of managerial functions”.

When the interior of the official office building is practically assembled into a single harmonious picture, it remains to make the last touch, which with all the justice gave tribute to the leaders of the proletariat. Namely – Stir in the corridors and on the landing carpets!

The role of the interior of the office premises can be very, very significant when each of its details is thought out and serves as a light guide to the logical sequence of actions. Nothing else is capable of emphasized and exhibitionly directed as carpet tracks.

The tendency in administrative government buildings to resting the floors with carpets has developed in the process of many years of history. Not so long ago, the Kremlin paths were the dream of all suppliers to emphasize the official premises of theaters, ships, hotels, libraries and even sports complexes. Kremlin paths differ from any other carpet coatings, traditionally have a red background (although today the color is no longer fundamental) and be sure to go along the sides of the track with ornaments.

These stripes do not just visually lengthen the space, as many think.

Together with the designation of the border, narrow stripes on the sides of the Kremlin paths have a visual communicative effect on human psychology. The boundaries serve as a kind of barrier requiring from the response of official etiquette, the behavior adopted within the framework of this organization.

The accumulation of people causes excess noise, distracts and disperses attention, and the carpet paths absorb the influence of sounds made by people. State officials in the past resorted to the flooring of the Kremlin paths wherever possible – in the corridors, and even on the stairs. Thus, they guarded not so much flooring as order, achieving submission to the internal rules of discipline, the charter. Want to check the effect? Lay the Kremlin paths in your office!

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