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Modern finishing materials

by dailymoney

Today on the market there is a large selection of a variety of finishing materials that are used both for the design of external structures and structures, and for interior decoration. Materials should perform many functions, they are created to protect the surfaces from dirt, dust, humidity, noise. In addition, do not forget that they create sanitary and hygienic conditions and make our dwelling attractive and aesthetically designed. Any house can be faced as you like in accordance with the imagination of a person who orders this service. Typically, construction companies offer this to choose from the customer. For example, the company on its website indicated that it could create a variety of facade finishes, including plaster, brick, color, stone, vinyl or metal siding, tiles and so on. The same goes for interior decoration. The volume and assortment of decorative materials is increasing all the time, in addition, it is worth noting that the quality also rises, meeting the latest needs of customers. Modern finishing materials that are customary to use today in construction are divided by different signs.

If we talk about the technological basis, that is, paintwork materials, materials made of stone (artificial or natural), ceramics, glass, metals, wood and so on. You can also note the classification by types of architectural finishes (external, internal, floors, and so on). Some materials are universal, that is, they can decorate both the internal and outer surface. The main thing is that the materials correspond to the main conditions: they should be fiery not toxic, not radioactive and comply with the basic operational standards.

From an aesthetic point of view, materials should be beautiful, clean, tone color and pattern should be conveyed correctly. They should also be economically effective.

When it comes to paintwork, it is worth noting that they are today one of the most common. They simultaneously protect the surface and decorate it. It is customary to cover metal, reinforced concrete, wooden, brick and some other surfaces with such compositions. These materials include primers, putty, paints, enamels and some others. Paints can be very different: oil, enamel, water and so on. It is customary to distinguish in paints by chemical and operational attribute. In their consistency, they can be liquid, viscous, pasty. The color of the paint gives pigments that can be natural and synthetic. Natural pigments are obtained as a result of grinding mineral raw materials, and synthetic are the result of chemical reactions. Each paint has its own sphere of application.

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