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Modern innovation doors

by dailymoney

Construction and repair “boom”, which continued even in a crisis, contributes to the growth of demand for finishing and building materials, as well as on the door, windows, and stairs.

Doors are standard and non -standard. For Russia, the doors standard are canvases with dimensions 400, 600, 700, 800 and 900 mm. The height of the standard door is 2 meters. In addition to the doors themselves, according to the standard, the box is produced, as a rule, its width is not more than 80 cm, the thickness is not more than 30 mm.

The range of interior doors is huge. You can divide all products into two large classes – these are frame and massive doors. Further, all the doors are divided into subtypes according to the material from which they are produced – these are doors from glued wood massif, array doors, laminated and veneered products, as well as PVC doors.

Most often in retail sale there are doors from an array or glued beam (Eurobrus). Massive doors are more expensive, but they are distinguished by high quality and durability. Among the products from the beam, you can find both budget options and an elite class doors. When choosing a beam, you must remember that the price of an unprocessed and unpainted product is lower, but the cost of painting the canvas significantly increases the total cost of the product. For a modern house, doors from timber, already painted at the factory, covered with stains and varnishes are most suitable for a modern house.

The most affordable door class is laminated doors to interior. In the domestic market, these products appeared recently. The canvases are made as follows: a wooden frame is assembled, filled inside a cardboard net. Outwardly, such doors look attractive, but they cannot guarantee a high level of noise protection. In addition, choosing such doors, it is important to be vigilant: unscrupulous manufacturers often cover the door with a film, not a laminate.

Among the doors covered with veneer, you can find the most diverse products. There are canvases that are very inexpensive, and the doors of the VIP class, the price of which is not suitable for everyone. A strong gap in value is explained quite simply: veneered doors are made from different materials. Choosing veneered doors, the consumer must focus on the thickness and quality of the veneer used for the upholstery of the canvas. The thicker the veneer, the longer the door will last. In addition, you should carefully inspect the corners and edges of the product – the veneer should be glued tightly, and the glue itself on the canvas should not be noticeable.

Of course, the door of the array is the optimal option in terms of quality option. But if a low cost is also important, then it is worth paying attention to PVC products, in addition, just care for plastic doors. Today you can order plastic doors with a glued 3D film. Such a coating is almost 100% creating the illusion that the door is made of natural wood. Responsible manufacturers manage their products with high -quality glasses that are resistant to blows. On the market you can find PVC doors from various companies, both domestic and foreign.

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