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Modernity and comfort

by dailymoney

Modern construction includes many diverse directions, among them are not in the last place quickly built houses using frame technologies. In the absence of the need for a long -term process of laying a capital foundation, the unique assembly method is reduced by the construction time of the frame house.

The process of erecting a frame house consists of several stages. First of all, the foundation is laid. There is a pile, columnar and strip foundations. Then the installation of the metal frame is installed, the enclosing wall systems are fixed, and the latter is the assembly of the roof.

The first technology for the construction of fast -far -fetched houses used American construction companies. The next who appreciated all the advantages of construction were builders in Germany and Austria. Today, the low cost and comfort of fast -far -fetched houses allow many people to purchase their own housing. Also, frame houses can be used for production purposes. For example, to accommodate mini-plants, small industries, shops and points of provision of household services to the population. If necessary, you can purchase a frame house with a heating system or non -heated.

Installation of a fast -landing house is carried out in any weather, regardless of the climatic features of the area. Frame technology allows you to install in a very short time, without using special equipment and attracting high -class specialists. An already compiled set of all the necessary parts and structures comes from the manufacturer. For the convenience of assembly, all parts are numbered.

The frame of a quick -made house, usually wooden. Some manufacturers offer a metal frame, which creates additional strength and durability. But compared to wooden, the metal will cost much more. It is wooden frames due to a certain cheapness and lightness that are in great demand among the population.

All frame partitions made of pressed wood sawdust are equipped with insulation of mineral materials, which creates an environmentally friendly microclimate indoors. When using mineral wool, the wall thickness is 200-250 mm, which is equated by heat-resistant to a brick wall about 2 meters thick.

Wood costs for building a frame house are 2-3 times less than when building a house from logs or timber. Due to this, the design of the frame house is easy, which is important, taking into account the functions of the foundation.

The optimal time for construction is the spring-summer season. Given the frame technologies, mainly rapid dachas are built. With relatively minimum financial costs, the ability to become the owner of a country house appeared in many.

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