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Organization of work in construction and construction examination

by dailymoney

The company can offer various types of construction examinations and, of course, the most popular examination is an independent examination of the quality of construction work. The purpose of this procedure is to establish the actual level of quality of construction, installation and repair and finishing work. After determining the actual state of the facility, these data are compared with construction standards and state standards, as well as with the design estimates of the customer.

An independent construction examination includes a whole range of measures that are aimed at identifying the correspondence between the actual state of the object and the due characteristics and regulatory indicators. They resort to construction examination during the organization of capital construction, repair and restoration work, as well as with the resumption of construction work at the “frozen” sites.

The organization of work in construction involves the construction and technical examination of the volume of work performed, which includes inspection, measurement and calculation of the actual volume and comparison of data with design estimates. This helps to determine the real amount of work performed.

Already directly when preparing an object for surrender or when changing the contractor, a construction experts is carried out, the purpose of which is to determine the volume of work performed and their quality.

Before carrying out repair work, restoration or reconstruction and modernization of the building, it is necessary to examine the object to determine its condition in order to give recommendations for its further operation or on its repair.

All the information that was obtained during the examination is protocol, and the assessment of facts and conclusions is contained in a ready -made expert opinion.

Our company also conducts technical and economic examinations, the purpose of which may be to analyze the design documentation with the definition of its completeness and compliance with the norms and rules, during such examinations, it is checked how the design decisions are justified and their effectiveness is carried out, these actions are aimed at the fact that it is aimed at to save customer funds, but at the same time achieve the optimal result.

The assessment of the state of the object may be required when applying for transactions of sale, since the buyer will own complete and reliable information about the state of the facility, and not the data provided by the seller.

In the case of court disputes, our company conducts forensic technical examinations, which are carried out as a court appointment, as well as pre-trial engineering and technical examinations.

If necessary, our expert will take part in the hearing.

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