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Penthouse – modern elite real estate

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Interest in penthouse is growing every year, because it is not only comfortable housing, but also a wonderful object for investment. If you think about the purchase of such an apartment, then the article “Penthouse is modern elite real estate” is intended for you!

Elite real estate is not only comfortable and prestigious housing, but also a great option for investing funds, because there are few similar offers in the market and their cost is constantly growing.

Advantages of elite apartments

Today, the most popular type of elite real estate is penthouses – luxurious apartments that have an individual roof exit, where an observation deck, a pool or a small garden can be equipped. Such housing gives a truly unique opportunity to combine the comfort of a country house with accommodation in a residential complex with a developed infrastructure.

Modern penthouses, such as in the residential complex of Petrovsky, of the Middle Russian construction company, have a number of advantages, both compared to standard apartments, and compared to housing of an elite level. Such an apartment in the Krasnogorsk district is not only an indicator of high social status, but also allows you to open a completely new standard of living, because the owners of the penthouse can order individual redevelopment and bring to life the most daring design decisions. In addition, from the windows of the apartment and from the roof of the Penthouse, magnificent views of the parking area of ​​the sanatorium and the Darknevo estate are opened, as well as the mergers and the confluence of the Moscow River and Istra.

It is worth noting that the penthouses in Petrovsky are not only a great place for life, but also a great option for investing funds, because today such an apartment can be purchased at a favorable price from the developer.

Penthouses in the LCD “Petrovsky”

Not many new buildings of the Krasnogorsk district boast of the presence of elite apartments – penthouses, however, in the residential complex “Petrovsky” the upper floors of three sectors are allocated for them at once. In addition, the roofs are equipped with observation sites and do not have any engineering communications: shafts of elevators, hoods, etc. do not come here. D. Thus, a unique opportunity is created to hold a party in the fresh air or just walk and admire the landscapes without leaving home.

It is worth noting that the pentaches in the Petrovsky residential complex have a solid area – more than 100 square meters, which once again emphasizes the high status of housing and allows you to achieve maximum comfort.

Of course, luxury housing in the Krasnogorsk district, in a residential complex surrounded by all the necessary infrastructure and at the same time located in the immediate vicinity of Moscow, cannot be cheap: the price of a square meter in the Petrovsky penthouse starts from 150 thousand. rubles. However, it is worth considering that it is such housing that can give the highest level of comfort and give wide opportunities for individual planning and design.

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