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Plastering work

by dailymoney

As a rule, finishing work includes many different construction processes. In order for the apartment to be completely updated, you need to make tremendous efforts and invest quite a lot of money. In repair, each stage is important. In particular, without qualitatively completed preparatory work, there will be no excellent result according to. Plastering work is one of the most critical stages of work. Since only after high -quality plastering of the surface of the walls can you begin to lay the wallpaper or painting. Application of plaster has a number of features and subtleties that every professional repair specialist must know without fail. Professionals distinguish between several varieties of technologies of plastering surfaces, such as simple and high -quality. They mainly differ in the amount of the applied layers of the prepared mixture.

It is necessary to apply the plaster only in thin layers, otherwise when drying it can crac’t. The thickness of the entire layer of plaster directly depends on the material from which the walls are laid out. For example, for concrete it is up to 5 mm, for brick – from 5 to 10 mm, but for wood – at least 20 mm. It turns out that the more even the surface of the wall, then it is less required to apply a layer of plaster.

So, the first layer of plaster is called spray. To apply this layer, a plaster solution must be a creamy texture. In the process, the solution is thrown onto the wall with one continuous layer. We must try to throw the mixture so that there are no gaps. In fact, spray is necessary to fill out all available bumps.

Soil is the second and main layer of plaster. A plaster solution for this layer must have a thicker consistency. If necessary, the soil can have several depending on the degree of irregularity of the surface, as well as on the desired plaster thickness. Each applied layer of soil, in particular, the latter must be thoroughly leveled.

The third layer of plaster, the so -called “covering” has the same consistency as spraying. According to the technology, the coverage is applied to wet soil because it should have time to grasp. This method helps better clutch. If the soil and the covering are dry, they are moistened with a brush. After applying the layer, the coverage of the plaster is thoroughly wiped. The grout is performed according to the not yet very dried plaster. According to the generally accepted technology, grout is carried out in circular movements with a wooden grater. If you want to apply decorative plastering of walls with expensive material, it is best in this case to attract real professionals to work, which are not difficult to find on the pages of the “League of Masters” site. In particular, Venetian plaster looks very profitable and spectacular on the walls.

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