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Plastic window – what you need to know?

by dailymoney

Plastic windows, today, this is the choice of most people. However, there are several questions that interest potential buyers. Everyone should know the answers to them.

1) why PVC is used, making windows? So what’s this? In fact, this substance is a variety of plastics. Eigen Bauman, a German chemist, synthesized it back in 1872. This material is safe, durable, not deformed, not afraid of moisture, rust and dampness, does not rot and is inexpensive.

2) Is this material safe? After all, many buyers are very wary of a variety of “chemistry”. However, in this case, this question should not worry them. After all, windows plastic prices for them and manufacturing technology came to us from European countries, where very high requirements for the quality, environmental friendliness and safety of materials are presented. They are used there in medical, educational and children’s institutions. It only remains to add to this fact that PVC is used even in the production of storage and blood transfusion.

3) whether PVC profile leads? Does it harm health? Thermostabilizers are additives that are used in the production of this material. Their composition contains lead compounds. But in plastic it is in a bound state, so it cannot harm human health.

4) which colors can be selected for the window? Of course, the standard color is white. It is the most universal, as it is suitable for any design of the interior. On colored windows plastic price, of course, will be higher. But the buyer can order a profile that will have a brown color. You can choose a product with a variety of shades imitating wood and other types of textures.

5) What is the difference between this design and a traditional window? It consists of several elements. These are double -glazed windows, movable wings and additional accessories. The main difference is the hermetic double -glazed window, which consists of 2 or 3 glasses, between which air chambers are located. Different plastic windows are also different. This allows you to maintain heat well, exclude leaks and blowing. Sales can not only open, but also thrown back.

6) which model will best retain heat? First of all, you need to choose a product that has many cameras in the profile. Thermal insulation depends on their number. On such plastic windows, the price grows directly proportional to the number of cameras.

There are still many questions. This, for example: how the price of plastic windows is calculated, whether they save from street noise, how much time it is necessary to spend on installation, how to avoid fogging and so on. The answers to them can be obtained both on specialized sites and directly, for specialists working in the cabin. And most importantly, do not forget to care for them correctly. Today there are special sets that are intended for this purpose.

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