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Plastic windows. Characterization and installation.

by dailymoney

Nowadays, it is difficult to surprise people with ordinary things – microcircuits, smartphones and other gadgets. 20 years ago, people could not imagine how much the world would change in the future. If we need a connection, we use a smartphone; If you need to urgently heat the food, put it in a microwave; If we can freeze due to pouring rain, install plastic windows.

Before installing plastic windows, it is necessary to carefully consider this decision. After all, the quality of windows made of polyvinyl chloride and their installation do not always meet the standards. In order to find a suitable company engaged in the sale and installation of Euro -all, it is enough to dial in the search engine to install plastic windows Moscow, and compare various companies at prices, as well as customer reviews. It is worth listing the pros and cons of plastic windows.

1) a metal frame, outwardly covered with PVC, is easily washed, improved thermo – and sound insulation. But the main plus is the price. Relatively cheap plastic in our region and, in particular, in Moscow, plays a significant role here.

2) Wooden windows do not protect you from microorganisms and ultraviolet rays, while plastic windows also do a great job with sealing.

3) Of course, PVC windows affect human health. On the one hand, plastic in most cases is harmful to a person, and on the other hand, more and more often in Germany they produce “safe” windows, replacing lead in them with calcium, cadmium or zinc in them.

4) such products create in closed rooms a greenhouse effect. Moreover, such plastic is electrostatical and only attracts dust to itself.

5) you need to know that the Germans themselves install wooden windows in their homes.

If after listing these points you have a persistent desire to install windows, then we assure you – this is not difficult. PVC windows can be installed by resorting to the help of the same company from which you made a purchase, or yourself. Firstly, it is necessary to prepare the window itself for installation in the opening. At the place of installation, you need to fasten the anchor plates and install the frame. Adjust the frame in height and width (the same gap should be made on the left and right). Mark the place for anchor dowels on the frame and drill holes, having previously pulled the frame out of the opening. It is worth considering that you need to leave a place in 0.5 cm – the frame cannot be placed on the wall.

Later, you need to finally put the frame in place by fixing it with wooden wedges (metal wedges can damage the goods). Put the double -glazed window and burn the wings. Blow out a 5 mm slit with a special mounting foam (be sure to read the instructions for the use of foam before that). Put the windowsill in place, using silicone due to risk of blowing. Fix the tint with screws from the street to the window profile. Ready. You can check the sash and the power of the sash to the frame to make sure of the quality of the work performed.

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