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Plastic windows Rehau. Advantages

by dailymoney

The first plastic windows appeared in Europe, or rather, in Germany. Rehau became the first manufacturer of plastic window profiles. That is why the specialists of this company can guarantee the durability and quality of the structures that they produce. Only now the replacement of the windows that Rehau experts in 1947 have begun. This means that the average service life of a window with a profile of this production is 50 years. At the same time, it is worth considering that the windows that were placed half a century ago were experimental, today the quality of products is significantly higher.

Experience with polymer materials in Rehau is huge, today many younger companies are guided by this company. In the assortment of the manufacturer, profiles for window structures, for winter gardens and doors. If we talk about the assortment, this German company produces more than 40,000 products and the windows for windows on the market. It is worth noting that Rehau products are in demand in the automotive industry, aircraft building, there are products intended for furniture and electrical production. Many world concerns use plastic products of the Rehau brand.

For a mass buyer, Rehau is interesting, of course, as a plastic manufacturer for window structures. At the same time, it is not necessary to prove to consumers that the windows of this company are high -quality – the reputation in the market and so the best one has developed. How it happened? Everything is very simple, because Rehau did not collect any reviews except positive. Progressive PVC profiles are constructed here, the “recipe” of the material is clearly observed, the company has its own tool base, quality control is carried out meticulously, at all production stages. It also matters that in the production of profiles, rational technologies are used to ensure the release of profiles in accordance with the national standards adopted in a particular country of the world.

Rehau plastic windows around the world are a synonym for high -quality guarantees, since strict observance of technology allows you to produce the best products to the market. One of the main advantages of the window structures of this company is fire safety – independent attenuation of material during fire is a dignity for which the products of this German company are especially appreciated. Independent experts constantly work at Rehau enterprises, which guarantees truly high quality products.

Modern PVC Rohau windows are products that are suitable for installation everywhere, from the Mediterranean Sea to the northern regions. At the same time, the windows of this company everywhere provide optimal air exchange, high -quality protection from noise and cold, heat savings – that is, the main goals that Rehau designers pursued, creating profiles. Was they succeeded? Yes, because Rehau profiles are considered the best today – and this does not require evidence.

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