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Porcelain tile and in all only pluses

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Porcelain stoneware, as a rule, is used for flooring and giving power to the device. It was once used to arrange floors in technical rooms, but now the scope of its use has expanded significantly.

The positive properties of porcelain tile

Porcelain stoneware is popular. This is certainly due to the mass of positive characteristics that this material has. Firstly, he does not miss moisture and frosted, he has high rates of hardness and resistance to temperature differences, and in terms of strength it is not inferior even to diamond, which is considered the most solid substance on the planet. Unlike natural granite, the porcelain tile is highly resistant to chemical exposure, and it does not have microcracks into which glue can fall, which contributes to the formation of spots, from which you cannot get rid of. That is why tiles of porcelain tiles are preferable as a flooring.

Types of porcelain tile

Porcelain tile is divided into several types, each of which has special properties. Thus, the structured type can imitate the appearance of a stone, wood, skin or other natural material, polished has a mirror shine, matte is used for technical purposes, the surface of satinated porcelain tile is formed using mineral salts, and the glazed is considered the most durable type of porcelain borderline, which can be applied to which can be applied Various drawings.


The smallest standard tiles of porcelain tiles have a size of 5×5 cm, the largest, used for building buildings – 120×180 cm. If there is a need and possibility, you can order tiles of the non -standard size you need. The thickness of the tile is usually 3-30 mm, and it, like the correct laying, affects the strength of the coating.

Consumers’ opinion

Porcelain tiles received good and flattering reviews from representatives of European utilities, exhibition centers and construction stores. To a large extent, the popularity of this material is due to high quality at an affordable price. I use porcelain tiles not only as a flooring, but also for internal and external wall decoration, ceilings, since buyers have a large range of tiles, including exclusive.


The main manufacturers of porcelain tiles are Spain and Italy, Russia is approaching them rapidly, since enhanced work aimed at improving the quality of products is in charge of our country, and Russian porcelain tiles are becoming increasingly popular abroad. As an example of the Russian producer of porcelain tiles, one is a company that produces a popular Italon trademark, making it using Italian technology at a factory in Russia.

Style and design

Porcelain tile allows you to solve any creative problems in the field of interior design and ensures calm for flooring or other coating for many years.

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