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PVC veils – a unique development designed to reduce the costs of heating (cooling) of the premises. Special insulating materials preserve well and do not pass both cold and hot air, which means that the curtains can be used in any room.

Recently, the world has become increasingly relevant in the world to save heat, electricity and other energy resources. For these purposes, many insulation materials are developed daily, as well as materials that maintain cold, which contribute to a reduction in costs in the field of energy resources. If you want to make your home warmer, and at the same time reduce your financial costs, then you need to pay attention to those modern insulation materials that offer you the latest technologies. And if you are a businessman and decided to open warehouse premises where it is necessary to constantly maintain low temperatures, then think about the acquisition of such a development as PVC curtains.

At the enterprise, the best way to save heat or cold (depending on the specification) is the curtain. They are especially relevant in those rooms where the doors are constantly open or open and closed, since the veils are able to maintain a constant temperature. In addition, this will reduce your energy consumption by 30%, and in some cases it turns out even 60%, which can be considered a very good indicator. The most popular, as a rule, are strip curtains operating on the sliding mechanism. Although, depending on their functional features, many others are distinguished.

Sale and installation of PVC curtains on the site

The curtains are also a great way to provide maximum protection of personnel from the harmful effects of drafts on them (the eternal problem in enterprises), dust, mud, chips and much more that adversely affects their body and is the cause of frequent diseases, and also develops many serious chronic diseases diseases.

But, in addition, you will protect the premises from insects, birds, in some cases even rodents, winds, noise, dirt, unpleasant odors, burns, ultraviolet rays, welding machines, mechanical damage and many other things.

The veils are also much reduced by time and simplify the passage through the doorways, if the curtains are installed instead of standard doors, and this is a significant savings in the working time of your subordinates, which is also important.

The main advantages of the curtain are their wear resistance, since they are made from durable materials. You can use them at any temperatures, up to -35 degrees, which is especially true for refrigerators at the enterprise. Structures are very reliable and easy to operate. They are easy to wash and so on.

And all this guarantees you a high level of work of workers and a low energy consumption coefficient. More detailed information here

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