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Real estate in Bulgaria and real estate in Montenegro

by dailymoney

Foreign real estate over time is becoming more and more of interest among Russians and residents of other CIS countries. Often, the acquisitions include objects of European sea resorts, which are bought specifically for a comfortable rest in the warm season. However, nothing prevents you from combining the useful with pleasant and using foreign real estate in order to receive income, both “fast” and recovered in a more distant future.

Rent rental for these purposes is considered the most optimal way, since it is reliable and simple. But the success of this enterprise depends on a number of factors, in particular, the region where the property is located. It is believed that it is most profitable to rent an apartment in a European resort, somewhere near the sea. At the same time, apartments that are part of the residential complex where there is a playground, a pool, a cafe, etc. P., more advantageous than “squares” in autonomous buildings. A big advantage of apartments in complexes is that the foreign real estate is owned by the management company, which will deal with all issues related to rental. Receiving income can be guaranteed, since many similar companies and tour operators conclude special agreements among themselves.

Real estate in Bulgaria is a very successful choice of those who intend to profit from the rental of foreign housing. Tourists, including from Russia, grow into this country annually, and this is largely the result of the work of the authorities. One of the consequences of Bulgaria entered into the EU was the allocation of larger budgets for the development of the tourism industry. Bulgaria causes sympathy among visitors of excellent quality by beaches, purity of the sea, low cost of food in restaurants; Slavs are close mentality and language, cultural traditions. One of the most significant advantages of real estate in Bulgaria is its value, very low in comparison with other European countries.

But real estate in Montenegro, purchased with the aim of leasing it, is not the most successful option. This circumstance is not able to change even the huge popularity of the country among buyers of foreign real estate, whose peak was observed several years ago. Real estate, which can be leased in Montenegro, is mostly in separate buildings that do not have a pool and all that residential complexes can be equipped. It is unprofitable to rent an apartment for a year with payment every month, and it is impossible to sell vessel payment due to the lack of a management company. Another reason – real estate in Montenegro is much higher than real estate in Bulgaria. At the same time, rental rates differ insignificantly, which means that investment in Montenegrin real estate is less beneficial from this point of view.

The purchase of objects in Bulgaria and from the point of view of long -term profit can be considered more profitable, since the potential for further growth lies behind the low cost.

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