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Relations between a client and a bank: search for a financial partner

by dailymoney

A modern person visits the branches of certain banks not only when he needs to take a loan or make a contribution.

According to the bankers themselves, no more than 30% of their volume of their work accounts for credit and deposit services. The main part is:

reception of utility and other regular payments;

registration of cards;

conducting calculations with state instances;

obtaining access to an electronic bank (Internet banking);

Questions about working with Internet banking or mobile banking.

And all this is only according to the segment of individuals. The line of popular products for a corporate client is even wider. Why do you need to focus on the fact that the financial partner is interested in not only potential investors and borrowers? Then, to make it obvious: the issue of choosing the right, reliable, experienced and serious bank is relevant for each.

And why is it so important – on whose card to receive social assistance and through whom to transfer to children to a neighboring state?

A good bank works quickly. Is this not interested in the payer – not that his payment was instantly carried out, and his obligations are fulfilled?

A serious organization has a wide network of ATMs (by the way, about the convenience of cooperation), terminals, it collaborates with most retail chains (by the way, about all kinds of promotions and draws).

Nothing annoys the client as much as the hanging of network programs in banking branches. They not only lengthen the queues, but also make it impossible to repay funds to certain accounts at a particular moment. In a good bank for 100 transactions, the network can “slow down” in 2-4 operations, no more.

How to look for a reliable partner? Firstly, it will not be superfluous to focus on the “age” participant in the domestic market (preferably with experience from 20 years or more). Secondly, the presence behind him of the European “elder brother” (head international enterprise) is also a plus. Thirdly, as practice shows, it is better to cooperate immediately with the “universal” (the wider the line of the partner’s services, the more attention he deserves), and not with a specialized small company.

The recommendation method in this case is good, but checking the qualifications of employees of the recommended company is never superfluous. How? The easiest way is to come to the consultation department. According to one first reaction and readiness to answer clarifying questions to a potential client, much will become clear. With bankers, by the way, it is better to build relationships as with lawyers or doctors, taking into account personal sympathies and antipathies (if you have the latter in relation to your expert, specialist or even the bank, it is better to change).

Source: Bank Inteza.

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