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Repair in the apartment: hiring a repair team through a company

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The most multifaceted and popular type of repair is capital. It can be implemented independently, but if you want to teach a good result that will delight guests and residents for several years, it is better to entrust work to professionals work. Qualified masters will repair the apartment in 1-2 weeks. Time will directly depend on the complexity and type of work, for example: gluing wallpaper in a one -room apartment – takes 2-3 days, replacing electrical wiring, plumbing, water supply systems or heating – from 5 to 14 days.

Advantages of cooperation with professional brigades and hiring companies

The company is ready to take up the implementation of the most difficult repair of the apartment. In addition, the presence of graduate designer and architect in the staff allows the company to create ergonomic design projects that can satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

The company’s specialists are ready to independently buy and deliver the building material necessary for work.

Departure and assessment of the technical condition of engineering communications is free.

Own equipment allows you to set competitive prices for all types of services provided.

Payment can be made both in stages and one lump -sum payment.

The cost of repair

To find out the final cost of the repair, you will need to: call a specialist, measure the area, evaluate the quality of the wall and flooring, calculate the optimal volume of finishing material, and also draw up an estimate and an accurate plan/schedule for the work of work. This will allow the budget to plan as clearly as possible to avoid additional financial investments during the period of dismantling and installation work.

The basic cost may be included:

Dismantling the old coating, stripping and grinding.

Expanding cracks and seams, grouting, primer and alignment.

Painting, pasting with wallpaper.

Installation of skirting boards and t. D.

You need to know that in most cases the room needs simple cosmetic repairs. Let us give an example if you bought an apartment with bare walls in a new building or in the secondary market, there is enough cosmetic repairs. If you got an apartment in which the plaster is crumbled, the floor creaks and fails, the electrical wiring sparkles, disableing expensive electrical appliances – it is necessary to urgently order a turnkey overhaul overhaul.

Plastering work

A thorough repair will not be able to do without plastering and facing work, which require certain knowledge and skills. Remember that not all surfaces are subject to plastering, for example, plasterboard. In other cases, markings and installation of lighthouses are required, primer, plastering of slopes and walls. The first and final layer should be applied only after wiring all the necessary communications for life.

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