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Restore a wooden window or buy a new?

by dailymoney

Despite the appearance of new artificial materials, quite strong and durable, wood, due to its extraordinary qualities, is still popular in construction. Thanks to this natural material, a cozy and favorable atmosphere is created in the house. For example, it is wonderful if wooden windows are installed in all rooms of your house or apartment. But when installing them, it is important to understand that they need constant care A, over time, repair and restoration.

Simple repair

Most often, the repair of wooden windows can consist in painting the frame, insulation of the window, replacing broken or cracked glass, old accessories. It is quite possible to carry out such a repair on your own. For example, if you noticed that under the influence of adverse weather (endless rains, high humidity, sudden strong frosts) the window has become bad to close, then carefully inspect it – check the window pens and loops, maybe they have been scorched and require replacement. By adjusting the loops, you can try to align the sash vertically and horizontally. To paint the window, too, will not be a problem if you have a desire and elementary skills in carrying out repairs. Only before its painting, do not forget to remove the old coating from wooden surfaces and primed the purified surfaces with an antiseptic (for longer preservation of wood). Adhesive -based insulations are no longer a deficiency – they can quite easily and simply insulate yourself in the apartment of the windows for the winter.

Even the old wooden windows are much better than plastic, so do not rush to part with them, and try to repair wooden windows yourself. After all, they allow the premises of your house to “breathe”, besides, they are not toxic and environmentally friendly. But if, nevertheless, you feel that the window you have renovated is still missing the noise from the street and cold air-this means that he definitely needs a serious restoration.


Of course, it is not difficult to find masters in the restoration of wooden windows in Moscow, but first you can try to do it yourself. Consider a brief restoration technology: remove the window sash from the loops and dismantle the glass; Remove the old seal, glazing and accessories; Remove the previous paintwork; If necessary, try to align the geometry of the window; perform putty wooden surfaces, and then polish them; Turn the windowsill and slopes followed by grinding; Apply a primer to the windowsill, slopes, sash, frame; Apply two or more layers of varnish or paint (each layer must be thoroughly dried); Understand the final assembly: mounting glasses, graduates, seals, accessories; Install the wings in your former place, adjust the move.

If your efforts to repair and restoration of old wooden windows have not brought the desired results, do not rush to buy new ones – our company is ready to provide you with a large range of services for the repair or restoration of wooden windows in Moscow at quite democratic prices.

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