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Retro wiring in a wooden house will not work

by dailymoney

There are several varieties of repairs: cosmetic, capital and renovation. Cosmetic repairs include a slight improvement in housing conditions (painting windows and walls, improvement or replacing floors, replacing retro wiring in a wooden house). Overhaul is aimed at correcting the main objects, while European-renovation involves more cardinal changes in the current housing, using a design project «The last word of technology».Concept «renovation» does not imply retro wiring in a wooden house

About 10-15 years ago a concept appeared «renovation», which expanded the usual views on the main types of repair work. There are several established ideas about the European Republic: suspended ceilings, plain walls, redevelopment of rooms, the presence of expensive modern equipment, work with a designer. What is it «renovation» in fact? European repair is a high-quality repair using the latest technologies and materials, which includes a design project. Renovation is due to a number of works that meet the technological standards. As a result, the customer receives a beautiful, unique, comfortable housing. Oddly enough, but European standards are not related to renovation.

Monk renovation:

• Design project, which includes drawings of future rooms, a plan for placing communications, a list of necessary materials, furniture and other interior items. It is the basis for repair work and compiling estimates;• Any redevelopment of housing: expansion and combination of rooms, a change in the structure of doorways, the creation of suspended ceilings, walls and floors of an unusual shape. Most often, they resort to redevelopment in order to increase space;• The use of high -quality materials at fairly high prices.

Today, Russian manufacturers are not inferior to foreign companies;

• Changing doors and windows. Often they put not only plastic, but also wooden products (both new and restored);• The acquisition of new practical communications (plumbing, electrical wiring). Installation of new plastic pipes. All wires are hidden in the walls and floors;• alternative types of walls from ordinary painting to decorative stone;• Using modern technologies: heating floors, various backlights, soundproofing rooms. The designer’s help will definitely be required to avoid unnecessary costs;• Euro -Uobornka is the perfect housing cleaning after all repair work with garbage collection.• Lack of retro wiring in a wooden house. Renovation should be carried out by experienced specialists. It is advisable to look for professionals on the recommendations of acquaintances, as well as see their early work. You can also use the services of a construction company. Do not save not only on materials, but also on labor, remember that he pays a stingy twice.

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