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Rules when working with a chainsaw

by dailymoney

Working with a chainsaw is quite traumatic, so when using it you need to know and clearly follow some safety rules:

Hold the saw tightly with two hands dressed in protective non -slip gloves, this will reduce the risk of injury;

Grasp the handles with the whole brush, while under the front handle the finger of the left hand should be located;

Do not bend during the operation of the chainsaw, but it is better to spread your legs wide and bend them at the knees, this will give you stability and the likelihood of falling will become close to zero;

When changing your body position, turn off the saw engine completely or turn on the brake system. Be sure to do this at each transition from one place to another, with a rotating chain it is extremely dangerous;

Stand on the side of it, then when “reverse impact” the chainsaws will not be able to hurt you;

Do not start sawing the saw with the tip of the saw, it is best to do this part of the tire closest to the handle, and do not press on it at the end of sawing;

When working with a saw, put on specialized protective clothing: non -slip boots with a metal toe, helmet, glasses or a protective mask;

The position of the legs during operation should be strictly defined, put the left leg a little in front of the right;

When sawing, the motor should work in full force.

The main methods of sawing:

If sawing begins below, this method is called sawing with pushing. It is not very convenient and even dangerous if you do not have a certain experience, since with it the chain pushes the saw towards you.

If sawing begins on top, this is a sawing of the. In this case, the chain is attracted by the chain to the processed log.

Well, you are going to buy a chainsaw and want to start it. To avoid troubles, before starting the chainsaw, follow some simple recommendations. If I drank a new one, before starting it, take some preventive measures, namely, lower the saw chain for several hours to oil. If the chain is already old, then it needs to be sharpened.

The chain should not sag, so before work, be sure to check the degree of its tension. Otherwise, its service life can be significantly reduced due to the rapid wear of the saw elements: tires, shock absorbers and others.

Before you put the saw, turn off the motor. You can wear a saw only a muffler from yourself, while the chain and tire should be directed back. It is even better to pack a chainsaw in a protective cover.

Carefully refill the chainsaw only provided for this fuel mixture. Use oils specially provided for this purpose and gasoline with an octane number 76 for models produced in Russia, and 96 for imported from abroad. Cool the motor before refueling and do not smoke during refueling. The descent of the saw next to the fuel is also strictly prohibited.

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