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Selfs made of metal

by dailymoney

Specialized equipment, which stores various material values: important documents, jewelry, money is called a safe. Safes, like other metal furniture, are made of high -strength high -quality steel with powder spraying. They can be attached to the wall, integrate into furniture or installed separately. A huge number of specialists working in various organizations, companies, offices are faced with documents that require increased safety, so the purchase of useful equipment is simply necessary. This is an excellent office, banking furniture, which include cardboard, archival and metal cabinets, as well as non -combustible safe, which are several types – these are office, pycing, banking, weapons for home use and safes.

Classic safes that fear in the wall or inside the furniture can be fireproof and pyrect.

Banking is particularly strong, they are endowed with a special quality certificate, have thick triple or double walls and locks with an increased degree of secrecy, which prevent easy penetration to banking values.

The most spacious and maximum use are metal cabinets that are widely used as office furniture. They are practical and fit perfectly into the design of the room.

The use of cardboard cabinets contributes to convenience when working and storing securities. Their whole design guarantees their reliability and ease of operation.

Archival cabinets that are widely in demand in offices, banks, medical and educational institutions are no less popular. They have several shelves and are equipped with high quality locks.

Office and houses very often use office and pycing equipment, which stores small money, accounting documentation and print. They can be single and double, one -story and two -story, have different types of locks and are made only to order.

Weapon safe safe storage of ammunition and weapons, they are equipped with additional departments, which stores ammunition, hunting ammunition and a chantsexic tool. In case of a sudden fire, they have excellent refractory characteristics.

All metal furniture is reliable, durable and profitable, looks great in modern interiors of various rooms, meets high safety standards. Companies have a large amount of goods in stock, offer acceptable prices, round -the -clock service and high -quality and operational execution of orders.

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