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SRO in construction. The goals of the creation.

by dailymoney

Construction time is somewhat similar to public law entities. Character and essence in some moments converge with each other. The main goal of the creation of both communities is to protect the interests of a certain circle of people.

SRO is an organization that is formed through the entry into it of members, t. e. The organization is created on the basis of membership. A distinctive feature of a self -regulatory organization is not general political views, as in many communities, but exclusively professional interests.

The general goal of creating self-regulatory organizations consisting of construction companies and individual entrepreneurs is to independently establish requirements and rules within the system, self-control over the implementation of these rules, improving the quality of services in the construction market, eliminating one-day companies (a kind of cleaning of the construction market), and also Protection of consumer rights and each member of the SRO separately. With all this, the activity of the SRO is carried out on the basis of a state certificate.

In order to carry out high -quality control over the work of their members, they were authorized to check the activities of each member of the organization, creating special regulatory authorities within the system, as well as certification of employees. In case of inconsistency with the requirements, the SRO has the right to apply disciplinary liability to a member of the organization, while approving the relevant authority.

The company has the right to create an arbitration court within the system, to solve disputes both between the participants in the self -regulatory organization and between members of the SRO and their clients. In accordance with Article 78 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, they have the right to perform some technical functions of state bodies, provided that the appropriate decision, or an agreement between state bodies and a self -regulatory organization on the transfer of certain powers. At the same time, such an agreement should not contradict the laws of the Russian Federation, as well as cause damage to the health or rights of citizens.

Regardless of the fact that the name of the SRO is deciphered as a self -regulatory organization, the state still reserves fundamental rights. And SRO in construction is no exception, you can read more about this with the article . In the event that the community administration is preparing to exclude one of the members of the organization for non -compliance with the requirements and established procedures, the official must be permitted to dismiss a member from state power. Without her consent, to exclude someone from a self-regulatory organization cannot. The company that entered the SRO can start its activities only after receiving admission to certain work. It was the tolerance that became an alternative to the license, but unlike the second, the admission has no time.

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