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The advantages of open layout offices and how to use them correctly

by dailymoney

There is a common opinion that the workspace should consist of a huge number of offices. Office for an accountant, an office for a manager, an office for a senior manager, an office for the boss, an office for a secretary of the boss, an office for a programmer and, after all, an office for a cleaner. In fact, a completely different type of layout is relevant and more logical – the Open Space layout.

More than 40,000 employees of 303 companies around the world were studied and studied at the University of Sydney, in order to determine the main features of the use of the open planning of the office and the influence of Open Space on the work as a whole.

Arguments in favor of using the open planning of the office are to improve the moral spirit and performance of employees. This primarily concerns cases where interaction, exchange of ideas and intuitive insight is useful.

These were psychological arguments. There are also material. Firstly, the rental of an open-type office will cost less than a complex of small offices, regardless of the property for which class business is used. In addition, technologies have not been at the same time for one room for a long time. Your sales manager can work on the phone even from home or directly traveling by clients. Not that the phone does not tie a person to the office, even the computer does not do this. It is enough to use the tablet and your manager can work even on vacation (we are joking! Do not force managers to work on vacation!). In any case, all important negotiations and customer meetings can be assigned in one room, which is specially equipped and predisposed as much as possible for this.

If your specialist works better on his own and in silence, so we are sure that he can easily (and with joy!) perform all your functions from the house.

This is the modern world. You really should cut off part of the employees from the back of the office chair and let them work in any place convenient for them. This will reduce your costs for the maintenance of one workplace, by the way. Other employees who require interaction should work in a single open office.

Do not forget that an open -type office requires a special interior that will increase the motivation, performance and moral spirit of staff. Just throwing people into one room, placing them with empty cheap tables, you will aggravate the situation. It is necessary to think through the level of table density, office partitions and their height, passages, lighting, ventilation, color, decor and so on.

The overall layout of the open office depends on the role of interaction in the work, work functions, the size of the command, management style, hours of work, wages, independence of employees, and so on.

Open offices offer employees more opportunities, they are more flexible and adapted. The employee can choose between the opportunity to work at home and in the team and combine these two options.

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