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The choice of windows

by dailymoney

Most citizens before installing metal -plastic windows are faced with a problem: how to choose the right assortment from the abundance of the presented assortment.

It should be remembered that modern windows are produced cheaper and more expensive class. There is no fundamental difference in the design and the device between them. Therefore, even the simplest window will hold heat and muffle the noise outside.

In more expensive windows, a better profile and accessories are used. Such windows are easier in weight, they can contain up to six glass -glazed windows, which significantly improves thermal and noise characteristics. In addition, the windows of the “elite” cavers may have protection against fogging and infrared radiation.

The cost of the windows is affected by the number of parts opening, the presence or absence of a mosquito net or the corresponding spraying on the glass.

When choosing a window profile, you should proceed from the following parameters:

– Width and profile thickness. A more overall profile is more expensive, but it is accordingly more reliable and durable;

– the number of seals;

– uniformity of the profile along its entire length;

– Aesthetic appearance.

It is necessary to pay attention to the material (metal) from which the profile frame is made, as well as the number of profile chambers. There should be no less than a mother: for water removal, fastening of accessories, increasing the strength of the frame.

The profile chambers and chambers of the double -glazed window should be distinguished. These are different things. Double -glazed window with three glasses – two -chamber double -glazed window. The glasses themselves, from which the double -glazed window is made, can also vary in quality and strength. To increase strength and give special properties, various spraying or film is used.

One of the most important elements of a metal -plastic window is accessories. It is most often under operation during operation. It should be noted that not all fittings are completely metal, there are part of the parts made of metal, and it happens and all parts are made of plastic.

When choosing a manufacturer, it should be borne in mind that the market is currently representing about a hundred names of window manufacturers. Of these, most have good characteristics. However, if you are offered a profile of a well -known company at a price lower than the profile of a little -known manufacturer, there is an occasion to doubt its originality.

In fact, any profile will be good with proper installation. Therefore, pay special attention when choosing a company that will mount the windows. Pay attention to the availability of service in the service contract. Because windows are a device that also needs periodic maintenance (lubrication, replacement of seals, fittings). It is better to buy windows from companies about which you have heard positive reviews. When buying, create an image of an understanding person, then it is less likely that a defective product will be “slipped”.

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