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The collapse of the US economy due to the dollar

by marusia

American journalist Fareed Zakaria predicted a crisis for the US economy due to the weakening of the dollar in the global market. He told about this on CNN.

“The Ukrainian conflict, combined with Washington’s growing confrontation with Beijing, has created a “perfect storm” in which both Russia and China are making efforts to diversify away from the dollar,” the journalist said.

The observer noted that the dollar is weakening due to the current financial crisis, and is not strengthening, as it was before. He referred to the statement of investor Ruchir Sharma.

Zakaria warned that Americans should start to worry, since Washington’s geopolitics will be conducted within the framework of “bad habits with an American-centric view of the world.”

In his opinion, the White House is used to throwing money around and not caring about the growth of the deficit, since this was permissible only due to the unique status of the dollar. He recalled that the Federal Reserve System (FRS) has repeatedly saved the country’s economy with the help of unhealthy manipulations.

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