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The composition of the sandwich panels

by dailymoney

The sandwich panel is high -quality and used for the construction of rapidly vested buildings, material. There are a huge number of varieties of this material, depending on the raw materials, which is used in its production. As you know, the standard sandwich panel consists of three layers, each of which complements the previous. The main coating, the so -called cladding of the plate can be made of chipboard, fiberboard, drywall, aluminum, ceramics, as well as galvanized steel.

But it is worth noting that the highest quality and most popular material for facing the outside of the panel is galvanized steel, which not only has a high level of resistance to mechanical and temperature effects, but also has an increased level of sound insulation. It is best to use polymers, such as matte polyester, plastisol, polyester and purple as external coatings. All these materials have wonderful protective properties, in their field and applicable depending on the conditions in which one or another roofing three-layer sandwich panel will be established.

There are three main types of panels, these are facade, wall and roofing panels. In all types of panels, the main material used as a filler, polystyrene foam, as well as mineral wool, is used. Sandwich panels made of high-quality materials have a number of advantages: during construction using this material, it is possible to significantly reduce the time for delivery of the finished structure is about ten times when compared with standard materials.

The heat and sound insulation properties of this material are much higher than that of a brick having a thickness of nine centimeters. The service life of panels, with proper installation and operation, is about fifty years, and manufacturers give a guarantee for material up to fifteen years. The panels have increased moisture resistance and even with complete immersion in water for a very long period, practically do not absorb moisture. The ease and strength of this type of material facilitates the transportation process, as well as the processes of loading and unloading the material.

When carrying out installation, the panels are attached using special metal screws or wood. When connecting the panels, their docking, in most cases, the builders use the method of the groove-voltage connection. Thanks to this type of connection, it is possible to protect the material from moisture as much as possible and increase its strength. As a result, by purchasing a sandwich panel in bulk at competitive prices and saving on delivery and installation, you will receive a high -quality structure profitably and in a short time. At the same time, the material will last you for many years, without losing its external attractiveness and protective properties.

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