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The design of a narrow bedroom

by dailymoney

Close bedroom in housing is not uniqueness. Often, such rooms can occur in if, for example, but even in new houses, owners often join with the difficulty of a narrow space.

And difficulties appear when they solve the questions: where to install the bed perfectly? Where to place other furniture, so that it does not take up much space and does not make a feeling of clutter?.

In the development of the design of a narrow bedroom, the advantage is required to give a small furniture. Corner cabinets, superficial wardrobes-wardrobes will fit perfectly here.

The room will seem spacious if, for example, the bed is put near the smaller wall, moreover, you can like along, also across the room. If possible, the bed is completely replaced by a folding sofa.

Brightly, large, non -whaled chests of drawers are very often used, more functional and comfortable. It is not necessary to clutter up the room with accessories and decorative objects, even furniture must be without excesses, the easier, the better.

In the design of a narrow bedroom, it is better to keep the rules of minimalism, coping with the visual expansion of space is much better than other styles. The main decorative component of the narrow room of the room is mainly made a huge mirror placed on one of the long walls.

It not only decorates the room, but also visually makes it spacious. It is not required to forget about this kind of technique as the separation of space.

Napal sleeping can be zoned by two, three zones using end -to -end partitions for a floor, shelves, screen, or perform visual separation, using different cladding for different zones. Separation is required in order to increase the room, making it cozy and comfortable.

Bright cladding competent lighting and walls will still make the room spacious and more comfortable. For those who still personally personify what the interior of the bedroom should be, photography under the number of today’s website will be able to submit several convenient ideas.

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