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The most popular professions for a beautiful life

by dailymoney

Every year, sociologists summarize the results, on the basis of which I make a rating of the most popular professions, including among girls. In demand, which means highly paid. That is, the professions, thanks to which girls can calmly spend money not only on outfits and cosmetics, but also postpone on the purchase of their own housing or good repairs in a parental apartment. According to the results of the surveys, domestic and foreign women’s magazines brought the top ten most popular professions among young people in the world: lawyer, specialist in the field of information technology, manager, fashion designer, accountant, banking employee, marketer, psychologist, doctor, advertising or PR specialist, landscape designer. Moreover, the last two professions attract youth and against the background of their informality in the issue of organizing the work process and space. In progressive companies, it is already the norm to have a rest room where advertisers and PR managers can not only consult, but also take a nap for an hour or two during work. Yes, often the offices themselves look far by informal. Instead of the usual tables and office furniture-cozy chairs, coffee tables and coffee machines. By the way, upholstered furniture tolyatti

, Especially red and red-black colors are particularly popular in the arrangement of the interior of such offices that are not similar to offices. Working in them is a pleasure.

Russians consider it very important for the work to bring not only the corresponding income, but also a sense of satisfaction. In practice, this combination is not often found, and not every girl reaches it. Therefore, it is very important, according to psychologists, having analyzed a huge number of proposals in the market of professions, choose the one that is most suitable for the weaker sex. In Russia, the most popular in the opinion of girls are professions: sales manager, cashier, teacher, personnel specialist, medical worker, guide and stewardess. Among the non -standard and promising female professions, in 2012, professions in the fields were highlighted: management, marketing, psychology, logistics, design, recruiting, tourism. Such specialties are popular among girls due to high payment. Any of these professions have their pros and cons, but they are all very important. For example, in any office work, whether it is an editor, manager, advertising specialist or information technology, you can find a positive moment a decent wage, but minus is a constant hypodynamia. When we transplant from the office chair right into the chair of the car, which is waiting at the entrance, and then to the soft sofa or in bed, our spine suffers, the consequences can be irreversible according to doctors. What can not be said about the profession of a landscape designer or restorer.

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