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The need for preliminary marking

by dailymoney

For the installation of wells in the “prefabricated wall in the soil”, wall panels are used 10 … 15 m with a device of vertical joints. The reinforced concrete panel in a trench framed by a collar is usually lowered with an arrow crane on a tracked or pneumatic course located outside the collapse of the collapse of the trench, opposite the previously mounted panels.

According to experts, wooden building structures are experiencing their second birth. Environmentally friendly, natural material with many unique properties, especially in demand in suburban construction. Phrases log house price, buy log house. can be seen in the media, Internet sites and advertising booklets. The free choice of inexpensive, ready -made projects of houses made of a rounded log, whole or glued beam allows you to choose a house with a link to the landscape of the terrain, which meets the most stringent requirements of modern technologies.

A wooden log house or baths can be bought in specialized construction companies that provide the delivery of the ordered log house to the construction site and collect it at a high professional level. Inexpensive log cabin of domestic production is in great demand in great demand. Such systems are characterized by minimal shrinkage, resistance to adverse atmospheric factors.

Installation of prefabricated elements can be started in the presence of a finished trench with a length of 6 … 7 m; It should be done with such intensity, which corresponds to the speed of development of the trench. Before the installation on horizontal slabs, the collar of the collar of the pioneer trench with oil paint applies the axis of the wall panels. The same risks are applied on the panel. Before installing prefabricated elements, the depth of the trench is measured. The need to arrange a hard bed under a mounted element determines the need to develop a trench 200 … 250 mm deeper than a design mark to add its bottom with gravel or gravel. At depths of the trench up to 12 m, the depth is measured by a footstep, and over 12 m-a lot. Usually, under each panel of the depth, at least three points are measured: at the edges of the panel and in the center.

Installation of the panels is carried out by a non -warning way using guides (conductors, templates). Moreover, when installing the first panel, it is thoroughly verified, its position is both in plan and in height and a special conductor consisting of a guide rack and a support frame is used. A guide stand 0.7n (where N is the depth of the trench) P-shaped cross section, on the inside of which a flat clamping spring is placed. For the exact installation in the trench of the first prefabricated element, it is enough to install the guide conductor in the corresponding position.

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