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The pluses of the construction of commercial and residential buildings from concrete blocks

by dailymoney

Over the past couple of decades, concrete blocks have been widely used in the construction of both commercial and residential buildings. Lighted forms of concrete are used to build not the main walls of apartments, hotels and offices, while heavy material, for example, reinforced concrete jumpers, is great for strengthening the supporting structures of houses. A wide range of light and compacted concrete blocks is offered by the company “Vector”. The company supplies building material directly from trusted manufacturers in its transport. The company contains a fleet with Euro -rods, which without any problems will deliver any types and volumes of building materials in different directions in Russia. It is very profitable for developers to work with the “vector”, since the dealer of the manufacturers of the construction of the building offers low rates, a wide variety and high quality of the goods, timely and inexpensive delivery to the place of construction, as well as a flexible system of discounts for regular customers, more detailed information is presented here the scope of application and the scope of application and the scope of application and The advantages of dense aggregate blocks when using in the construction industry around the world since the 1940s dense reinforced concrete blocks are still widely applicable in commercial and residential projects. The distinctive properties of strength and durability make them an ideal, economically effective solution for the construction of all types of supporting walls. Dense concrete blocks are made of cement, sand and assemblies, such as iron. A striking example of this type of construction is jumper. The typical thermal conductivity of heavy blocks is 0.70 – 1.28 W / mk. The main advantages of reinforced concrete blocks include: excellent strength; high thermal mass; low production costs relative to the resulting characteristics of raw materials. Scope and advantages of light concrete blocks foamed concrete light. This means that the load on the building will be minimal. Also, due to the small weight of foam concrete blocks, the required number of steel structures or construction concrete is reduced, which leads to significant saving of the project. Due to the high thermal insulation of foamed concrete, the internal premises of the house are more comfortable than during construction from traditional materials. This helps reduce air conditioning expenses in the summer or heating in winter. Light concrete blocks are used to build internal or external walls, where the load is limited, as in the case of the region next to beams or flooring. Their main advantage relative to reinforced concrete blocks is a combination of high insulating properties with a relatively lightweight. The less foam concrete blocks weigh, the more they save time and money for the construction or processing of large structural units of the house.

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