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The tiles are expensive and cheap – what are the differences?

by dailymoney

Most consumers, choosing facing materials, pay attention to their design, imagining how the surface trimmed with their help, as well as the cost of products, will look like. Of course, the consumer understands that it is extremely important to evaluate the quality of products, but many simply do not know which parameters need to be evaluated. As a result, the price of quality is mistaken, which is fundamentally an incorrect approach – the necessary technical characteristics can also have materials of the middle price category.

What the price depends on?

The price of facing materials is influenced by many factors, but, oddly enough, their design is determining. Despite the fact that ceramics are one of the oldest finishing materials, it is very much affected by fashion. This legislator of the mod for many decades remains ceramic Spanish tile, as well as products of Italian companies.

Each well -known manufacturer is constantly experimenting with the design of its products, finding new ways to express a creative approach. So, for example, recently, materials imitating natural (stone, wood, textiles, skin, metal, etc. D.).

Quality and price

Undoubtedly, there is also a connection between the quality of the tile and its cost, but not as obvious as with regard to design. Most modern manufacturers work on Italian equipment using high -quality raw materials and modern production technologies, providing excellent strength characteristics of their products. Savings, as a rule, is carried out just in the external decoration.

To reduce the cost of tiles with a pattern, manufacturers use printed methods, as a result of which the mesh structure of the ornament becomes a prominent. Of course, in terms of aesthetic indicators, such facing material is significantly inferior to more expensive options, where the mesh structure is not visible, but the quality, strength, reliability, durability of the material remain at about the same level.

Foreign manufacturers invest considerable funds in the development of new technologies of the upper coating of their products, thereby significantly increasing their cost. An example is the Picasso technology, in which the paint is applied to the surface in such a way that there is not a single repetition on the surface of the material. This technology is used in the manufacture of imitation of natural surfaces. It is very expensive, respectively, the material made with its use will differ in a very high cost, but the appearance provided by the lined surface will be unique.

What to choose?

The final choice of tiles always depends on the material capabilities of the consumer. If quality is much more important to you, you can purchase material from the middle price category. Its aesthetics will, of course, significantly concede expensive products, but the lined surface will serve for many years.

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