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Tips for choosing practical and beautiful furniture

by dailymoney

Everyone is faced with the problem when choosing upholstery, because the solution to updating upholstered furniture for a home or office always comes at one point, and here the pressing problems of excess assortment in stores appear. Sellers will simply fill you up with all kinds of fabrics with various texture, pattern and density.

But you must always remember that your choice should fall on the most hygienic and wear -resistant upholstery, since you will have to use furniture, and not just look at it. Here is a brief instruction for choosing furniture material:

Take a look at the label, there is valuable information about the composition of the fabric. What you need to know: silk has a gloss and glides well, cotton and linen crush quickly, artificial fabrics easily return to their initial state.

Price – of course, an important factor when choosing fabric. It all depends on the technology of production and the composition. Synthetics are cheaper than tissues with a content of natural fibers.

Again, the choice between synthetics and natural fabrics. Synthetic material does not burn out, has a long wear resistance, easy to care. The only minus of synthetics is its melting when exposed to high temperatures. Natural fabrics can be calmly ironed, they have an elite look, and also “breathe”. Minus – fading after washing and compressing the material.

Cotton also has its own elite. So it will be more expensive to cost the material of famous companies from Spain than China. For example, Gonzalo Ferri, Flocktex Industries Ltd, Vilber Textil, and T. D. But, believe me, this is worth the pleasure that you will receive with one look at such fabrics.

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In addition to cotton, there are also luxurious and expensive decoration options – this is a one -sided tapestry. Fllock and velvet also look presentable, it is a pity that they quickly dust and attract wool and hair.

We advise you to draw your attention to such modern material as Shenill. It has a pleasant and soft pile, it can be natural and synthetic. Created from several types of threads, and thereby differs from velvet.

A variety of tapestries from modern fabric, but a relief pattern from the past is Jacquard. He does not burn out, durable and resistant to temperature differences.

Microfiber is a rather interesting option when choosing a furniture material. It looks like suede, but does not burn out and unpretentious in care, repels water, resistant to abrasion, is not quickly polluted, very beautiful and universal.

Cozy in winter in front of the fireplace, sitting on the sofa of fur, and even more pleasant when this fur imitates the color of animals. Very fashionable trend of this season.

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