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Transfer of authority to technologies: Advantages of investment in DJIT infrastructure

by dailymoney

The advantages of investing in good infrastructure are good known. Infrastructure is a driving force in all cases, so not a single construction site disdains good infrastructure. But what about the digital infrastructure, when technologies are transferred to a lot of basic powers.

Many advise investing in studies of digital infrastructure, its implementation and the use of smart technologies. It is believed that all this should allow local services to become much more effective. But in some cases, the same technologies can provoke girls, which clearly indicates the need for optimal digital infrastructure settings, which is implemented. In short, digital infrastructure and transfer of authority to technologies should be carried out on mutually beneficial conditions for people-users and operators who serve.

To better understand this topic, you can investigate an example such as smart tickets. For passengers, electronic tickets for flights or cinema are convenient, and they give them the opportunity to flexibly configure their trip or rest. Many people prefer contactless tickets in various types of city public transport. For transportation operators, contactless tickets facilitate work in terms of operations with finances and the use of additional regulatory bodies within transport. It also does not distract drivers. But in Russia, contactless tickets are still combined with conventional tickets, therefore, part of the benefit is not always obvious. In London, for example, exclusively maps for travel or disposable tickets purchased at the stop are used, and this automatically simplifies the work of operators, drivers and passengers. The driver is only engaged in the fact that the bus leads. Passengers go to the bus on a card or ticket, which excludes any possibilities of a “trip to a hare”. All this is strategically beneficial in terms of forecasting demand, assessing the needs in routes and additional infrastructure, since data from this kind can be easily systematized. By the way, in London buses a good example of transferring powers to technologies is presented.

Reasonable use of technology in infrastructure can modernize life in other areas. For example, an intellectual system for monitoring the filling of tanks can be used to assemble waste, which will reduce the number of cargo cars on the facility, reducing their influence on roads, traffic jams and ecology. In other words, electronic tanks themselves can “inform” companies that take out the garbage, that they are filled, and then these companies will not travel for empty tanks, and they, at the same time, will not allow overcoming tanks.

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