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Treatment facilities are the best way out for the cottage village.

by dailymoney

During the construction of country houses, one of the most important problems is the problem of sewage. Electricity or gas pipeline requires only simple laying cables or pipes with minimal maintenance after connection, while the sewage system in the absence of connection to the centralized city system can cause many inconvenience and serve as the reason for the large consumption of funds. There is a simple and convenient way out of this situation – the use of sewage treatment plants.

In places in which it is impossible to connect to a centralized sewage system local treatment facilities are not just an output, but the only most acceptable option for obtaining a convenient autonomous system. In addition, such an autonomous system comes out much cheaper than a centralized sewage system, and its installation takes much less time and effort.

Treatment facilities can be used both for servicing one or more cottages, and for a small or even large cottage villages. But, there are many varieties and a large number of firms offers their services for their sale and installation. And it is required to choose only one system, but one that would comply with the safety requirements as much as possible and was relatively not the road. In addition, I want this system to work as long as possible, and, accordingly, have strong details of the structure.

Along with a relatively inexpensive price, the system of local treatment facilities August IR Ko, which was tested in Germany and has high quality and reliability, corresponds to all the requirements for safety, environmental friendliness and long service life. These treatment facilities are delivered and installed on the ground by employees of the company Eco Kommer LLC, which, for a year has been delivered by the installations of biological wastewater cleaning for cottages and cottage villages of Russia.

All treatment facilities supplied by the company have a unique self -combustion system, which provides operation without the use of pumps, which significantly increases the service life of the system itself and reduces the risk of its breakdown. In addition, such a system is not at all afraid of a volley discharge, but simply levels the water level in the chambers, continuing to work in the same mode. And the system can be left without effluents for a rather long time without prejudice for further work.

These treatment facilities are very well removed by nitrogen and phosphorus, have a very low energy consumption (the only electric part is a compressor) and do not require any special skills in servicing. In addition, the advantages of these systems include their soundless work and the lack of a characteristic smell near the structure itself, and any of the structures proposed by the company will easily fit into the landscape of the village without violating its integrity.

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