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Types of laminate

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Such a modern flooring as a laminate is gaining more and more popularity. And this is due to the fact that it is outwardly attractive, convenient in operation, environmentally friendly and wear resistant. In addition, laminate laying is much easier than a wooden parquet, there are several ways that differ in some fasteners: adhesive and bloodless options.

According to European standards, such a coating is divided into classes. The class depends on the wear resistance of the material. So, laminate from 21 to 23 class, usually intended for home premises, and from 31 to 33 for commercial (t. e. where the load on the floor is higher). The higher the class, the greater the wear resistance has the material. So, it is believed that the high -quality 33 class of the laminate is the most durable and suitable for premises where there is a large cross -country ability (shopping centers, offices, fitness halls and other public institutions). For a home bedroom or living room, grade 22 is quite suitable.

Despite the fact that many laminated floors are afraid of moisture, floors of 31, 32 and 33 classes withstand contact with liquid for several hours. Glue used for laying laminate, waterproof. But still, the laminated floor should not be poured with water. It was previously believed that the laminate for rooms with high humidity would not be suitable. But it is worth noting that recently many companies have launched products on the market that is recommended for flooring in rooms as bathroom.

Manufacturers produce a floor covering of various colors, classes, sizes, types. Castle or bloodless laminates and adhesive are produced.

Besecle laminates are much easier to collect than adhesive. Special devices are not needed for the assembly of the “lock” laminate – you just need to snap the bar. Such parquet has a fairly high strength, excellent flexibility. If necessary, the floor is disassembled and transferred to another place. Glue parquet is attached using special glue. Accordingly, such a floor does not understand. The adhesive floor of moisture is less afraid, since glue prevents the penetration of water. More information can be found on the site .

Laminated floor with proper care serves for a very long time. When cleaning it, you do not need to abuse various detergents: whitish spots may remain. You can wipe such a floor with a damp cloth or just sprinkle with a special brush.

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