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Types of office partitions and prices for them

by dailymoney

Most companies today work in open layout offices, which almost always requires the purchase and installation of special office partitions of one or another. Depending on the purpose of the partition and the budget of the company, you can buy stationary, mobile, sliding and some other types of similar products.

All of the above options for office partitions are sold at AMG Group LLC. If you use this company as an example, you can draw up a small information sheet regarding the prices and time of the manufacture of partitions in Moscow. So, stationary partitions will cost you in the amount of 3,500 rubles per square meter and will be installed on a period of 5 days, and mobile will cost cheaper (from 2500 per square meter), but more time (from the week) will take more and installation). Such numbers can be discussed provided that you order the product from the manufacturer (if you order goods through suppliers, then the time and prices will be increased). These are approximate prices for 2016.

Office partitions are used to quickly transform the offices of an open layout and create personal space for employees. In comparison with the construction of walls, the partitions are cheaper and cause fewer problems during installation.

There are partitions from floor to ceiling, and there are partial partitions. Depending on the type of office and its needs, they buy either one or another option.

For the production of office partitions, they mainly use a metal frame and the necessary material is fixed on it. If the partition should only be separated, then the glass is used. If solitude is required, any dense material, such as a tree, can be used as a material of the partition. But such options are ordered extremely rarely and in fairly specific cases, for example, if you need to install a partition with soundproof properties. Most often, the glass partitions are installed, and if necessary, solitude close their blinds. Not transparent partitions are used in special cases (like creating an acoustic room) or when a low partition is needed.

With the help of low partitions create cabins. This divides employees’ office places into zones. Low partitions are easiest to resell when they are no longer needed. They are also easier to rearrange if necessary.

In cases where the company cannot afford partitions, it creates them from improvised materials, for example, cabinets and racks.

Sliding partitions are most expensive and for their manufacture and installation can take a month. Stationary partitions of the type “Glass partitions on metal frames to the ceiling” are a classic option.

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