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Waterproofing basement with your own hands: for and against

by dailymoney

Damage to water is the common problem of many owners of country houses at present, not only because of the features of the Earth, but also because of the low quality of materials used in construction. In addition, ineffective professional training of the builder employed in the construction of the house can also cause flooding. Damage caused by excess water in the house, such as mold and cracking of walls, usually require expensive repairs.

So that the house does not suffer from flooding, it is important to create a solid foundation that protect the house, its walls and ceilings. For this purpose, builders engaged in waterproofing basements do special processing, creating a waterproof barrier. As they write on the Gidroizolyatsiya-I-Zashhita-Fundamenta page, the cost of such work depends on the degree of complexity, quality of materials and volumes.

Waterproofing of the basement independently

Not everyone is happy with the idea of ​​hiring a professional to perform this work. That is why people often choose a simple and less expensive option – independent waterproofing.

The main reason why people choose independent waterproofing of the basement is that they are not ready to pay for work, which, in their opinion, can be done by themselves. The confidence that this work can be done with your own hands is affected, including the dissemination of information about waterproofing methods and instructions “do yourself” on the Internet. We do not recommend this method for inexperienced people without an experienced person who is ready to help.

Despite the fact that the waterproofing of the basement is a difficult task for an inconspicuous person, it can be successfully done with the help of the correct leadership from an experienced person.

According to statistics, a good result of inexperienced builders with independent waterproofing of the basement is higher if there is an experienced friend-builder nearby. Therefore, we advise you to look for such on social networks, and not just instructions.

Here are some of the reasons why the waterproofing of the basement with their own hands is a priority:

1) Projects “Make yourself” usually impress more, because they are relatively inexpensive. If you hire a professional to do work, then the company will charge you a fee for his work, and for many additional services. Private masters are cheaper, but they do not give a guarantee.

2) When you do it yourself with the help of online governments, the work can be done in less time with a higher speed, since professionals depend on your schedule, and you are on your own.

3) it is interesting and useful for people who like to do everything on their own, without any control.

There are several ways to waterproof the basement on their own; One of them is simple, while the others are a little more complicated or complex. If you make waterproofing incorrectly or not well suitable for its planning, you can get new damage to the house. Therefore, first think carefully and compare prices.

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