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Ways to make a room quieter. Sound insulation of apartments to get rid of themselves from the noise of neighbors, and neighbors from their sounds

by dailymoney

If your neighbors torment you with a roar or loud music, then you can turn to the authorities. However, there are cases when the sound is allowed, for example, it is quite permissible that during the day the daughter of the neighbors is strovering on top of the piano, and the neighbor clogs nails into the wall. And even if the girl is far from Beethoven, and the man has already used the entire supply of nails of the country, the law allows her to play on the piano during the day, and her father to drill walls at this time and score nails in them. Another situation concerns you, if you are a noisy person, work with musical instruments, love funny companies, or just watch TV for all volume. Which of the cases may be touched by you, the sound insulation of the apartment may be an actual solution to the problem.

Sound insulation can apply to anything. For example, to save from sounds from a noisy street, you can use a good double -glazed window and a frame with isolation. To combat the sounds of neighbors from above, you can save the soundproofing foam (you are looking for stretch ceilings of St. Petersburg cheaply, and then close the layer of soundproofing material).

To reduce sounds from your apartment, and get rid of sounds from neighbors from below, you can use the carpet. In addition, there are some materials that absorb the sounds inside the house, reducing the general noise emanating from you. For example, if you laid a carpet under a rack with a TV, your favorite programs will not be transmitted so much to your neighbors and even your family to neighboring rooms. Curtains, causes and headsets, book racks and plaids also tend to absorb the sound. In other words, if you are talking in an empty room, you can be heard from a neighboring room better than if you are talking in a room clogged by all things mentioned above.

There are special materials for decoration that have noise -insulating properties. For example, you can buy acoustic plates for walls or acoustic tiles. All this can be installed on the walls and even on the ceiling. The construction of additional walls will also help to restrain the spread of sounds, both in your direction and from you. For example, if you want to play at home on drums, you can create a small room inside the room.

The most commonly installed beautiful ceilings, stretch matte or suspended ceilings, and above them (under a real ceiling) lay a layer of soundproofing foam or other soundproofing material. This option is always good, since the neighbors from above always turn out to be the most noisy.

Replacing doors in the apartment can also help cope with excess sounds. Suppose that your child in the room is heard everything that happens in the living room, but you want to save the child from extraneous noise. The easiest way is to try to replace the door. Hollow cheap doors pass all the sounds through themselves, so the best option is a full -shaped door with sound insulation and sealing in the frame or a solid door.

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